3D Blu-ray Review “G-Force”

Directed by: Hoyt H. Heatman Jr.
Starring: Bill Nighy, Nicolas Cage, Zach Galifianakis, Penelope Cruz, Tracy Morgan, Jon Favreau, Dee Bradley Baker
Distributed by: Walt Disney Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG
Running time: 88 minutes

Overall Score: 3 out of 5 stars

I purposely skipped this film in theaters, Blu-ray/DVD and even TV. I figured it was time to give this film a chance since it landed on Disney 3D Blu-ray. Well after watching it I know why I haven’t seen this film yet. The film itself is just ok but will never warrant a repeat viewing.  Kids will love it though, it has talking animals and some amazing special effects. The action is the film is no joke especially since it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and his team. The action and 3D are probably this film’s saving grace. The film also has a notable cast ranging from Bill Nighy, Nicolas Cage, Zach Galifianakis, Penelope Cruz, Jon Favreau and of course Tracy Morgan. Boy Tracy’s character go on my nerves after 10 minutes. The presentation on this discs is great, even though the film is not. The video is sharp and the action shows off the 3D effects really well. If your kids liked this movie in the theaters then this is a smart upgrade to get the 3D at home.

The bonus features on the disc are decent as well. The first feature “Cine-Explore Mode” is a picture-in-picture experience loaded with early effect footage, behind-the-scenes featurettes and more lead by director Hoyt Yateman. It is pretty extensive. Kids will also like that guinea pigs Darwin and Blaster stop by also to chat about the film (I didn’t enjoy this much). “Inside the Animation Lab” feature Hoyt Yateman and Jerry Bruckheimer as they discuss the films special effects and the development that went into it, short but sweet. There are six deleted scenes, which are nothing special at all and run about 6 minutes. “Blaster’s Boot Camp” feature Blaster discusses being a member of G-Force, it is only for kids. “G-Force Mastermind” features the director’s son and original creator of this film, Hoyt Yateman IV, talk about the concept. “Bruckheimer Animated” is a quick and useless collection of Bruckheimer’s use of CG over the years. “G-Farce” is the best feature on this release and of course it is outtakes, which I always love. Lastly, there are three music videos Flo Rida’s “Jump,” Steve Rushton’s “Ready to Rock,” and the guinea pigs’ “Go G-Force” song. Like I said and I will repeat, this is for the kids…adults steer clear.

Synopsis: Buckle up for thrilling edge-of-your-seat action and laugh-out-loud fun in Disney’s G-Force as this elite team of highly trained guinea pigs leaps off the screen and right into your living room. In Disney Blu-ray 3D, this family comedy adventure is the best 3D you can get at home. Just as the G-Force is about to save the world, the F.B.I. shuts the secret unit down. But these next-generation action heroes won’t be stopped. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, and with the F.B.I. on their tails, the fur flies as they race against the clock to save the world. From the producer of Pirates Of The Caribbean and National Treasure, G-Force is fantastic 3D fun for the whole family. It’s Magic In A New Dimension.


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