Short Film Review “The Sea Is All I Know”

Director: Jordan Bayne
Starring: Melissa Leo, Peter Gerety and Kelly Hutchinson
Blue Eyed Cherokee Films
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 30 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Right off the bat, I had to watch this film twice back-to-back since it was so intense and emotional to absorb in just one viewing. Even though the film is short doesn’t mean it is not mega packed with features some deep issues. Melissa Leo is fantastic, as usual, she delivers a fantastic performance and shines. I am not a big watcher of short films and I think that this film will open many doors for me as a critic. It is amazing so you are able to tell such a meaningful and intense story is such a short period of time. This film is wound so tight and so powerful that the you find that you were holding your breath throughout.

The story is amazing a girl (Kelly Hutchinson) who is terminally sick at home with her mother (Melissa Leo). She is suffering very much and asks for her family to assist in her death to relieve the pain. Her fisherman deadbeat father comes into picture and comforts both her and her mother. They deal with the issue at hand and have to make a very hard and moral pressing decision.

All is all great performances by all. The short is very smartly and sharply directed by Jordan Bayne. I am looking forwarding to see further work of hers. If you have a chance to catch this make sure you do it pass it up since it is surely not to be missed. I wish it a feature because I couldn’t help but want more but for what it was great.

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