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Rachel Federoff is known best for working with Patti Stanger at her The Millionaire Club and the reality series “The Millionaire Matchmaker”.  Rachel is married to Destin Pfaff, who is the COO of The Millionaire Club and also writer and producer of upcoming film “Sushi Girl”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Rachel about working with Patti Stanger and also what else she has planned.

Mike Gencarelli Did you have a role in helping your husband, Destin Pfaff on his upcoming film “Sushi Girl”
Rachel Federoff: I did a little bit. I was originally going to do a lot of the make-up on it but I didn’t get to do that much because our son was really sick. I was at home taking care of the little guy. I did write some fun little extras that I am hoping will be put on the DVD. It will be my writing debut because I am also a writer. Destin and I are like the Jack and Jill of all trades. What do we not do? We do everything [laughs]. That was my little addition to the film but my biggest part though of “Sushi Girl” is just being a supporter for them. I will be helping in any way I can. It is an AMAZING movie. It is awesome and no words can describe it.

MG: Tell us how you became involved with Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Club and “The Millionaire Matchmaker”?
RF: Well at the time I was dating Destin Pfaff, who was already working for with Patti at The Millionaire Club. I was really interested in matching couples and when I finally met Patti, she said I should come on board. At first Destin thought it was a terrible idea but it would be great as did Patti.I had already been doing some matching on the side with my friends, so it was something I really enjoyed. She gave me a board and I learned how to match for the club and eventually I became the VP of Matching. I really love it.

MG: What is the hardest part on your job as the VP of Matching?
RF: The hardest part is probably taking care of the girls that cause trouble. Sometimes we are left with girls who needs us to play mommy for them. We have strict rules in our club and all we ask is that people follow them. Some people just do not follow the rules and need to be taken care of. Patti is great though she just tells it like it is. We are not trying to be mean to some girls. We are honestly trying to help them and

MG: What is one of the biggest perks getting to work on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”
RF: The best for me is the end result and the success stories. I love when we have couples come back saying that they decided to take it to the next level and/or continue dating. That is really why I enjoy doing this. The show does show some of that but reality TV works better when you have more drama then happy endings. But we do get quite a few of the success stories and that is my favorite part.

MG: After co-starring in the show, do you actually watch the show when it airs?
RF: Oh yeah, we watch it all the time. Destin and I also blog about it on the Bravo website. We watch them and blog and also have been doing live tweeting during episode which has been really awesome. It is almost like a chat room. People can do to our twitters which is @RachelFederoff and watch the show with us. We talk smack on the show, the characters and ourselves. We answer peoples questions and it is really a lot of fun.

MG: Tell us about the PSA you recently did for and SFK (Success For Kids)?
RF: Being a mom now and a child and a victim of bullying pretty much my entire life, it is really crazy intense and horrible bullying has become. It went from me being followed home and threatened and now people are being beat up until they are dying or in the hospital. It is really horrible. It goes back to me being a people person. I am such an advocate for the gay and lesbian community and anti-bullying. I am a big supporter for the organization that help fight cancer for kids and illnesses. I have a child and God forbid something happens to him, I wouldn’t know what I would do. I think it is really important to help kids and let kids know that you are not alone especially with the bullying. I think it is a big deal. I think it is awesome that I can use my celebrity status to really promote it. It is a really important thing for me.

MG: Tell us about your role in “Deader Living Through Chemistry”?
RF: Well I was in it when we did the short for George Romero’s film “Diary of the Dead”. We are looking into making the short into the feature. Besides being on a reality show and a matchmaker…acting has always been a huge passion of mine. Ever since I was little I was always a ham and putting on shows. “Deader Living” was my first taste and getting my feet wet. I was in that short before even “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. I love making movies and I love being in them. I love all the aspects from zombies to comedies to whatever. The short was fun. George Romero had the contest…we entered and won first place. So it is on the DVD for the film. We want to make it into a full length because it is such a cool idea.

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