FIlm Review “The Man on the Train”

Director: Mary McGuckian
Starring: Donald Sutherland, Larry Mullen Jr. and Paula Boudreau
Distributed: Tribeca Films
MPAA Rating: Not Rating
Running Time: 100 minutes

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Man on the Train” is a remake of the French Patrice LeConte classic, ‘L’Homme du Train”.  It is written, produced and directed by Mary McGuckian.  This is a film that is very driven by its character development.  It is slow paced and focuses and a lot of on dialogue its two characters.  The acting in the film is very unique and make this film worth watching just for it alone. I am definitely curious now to see the original film to see how it compares.

This film focuses when a mysterious criminal comes in to a small town and meets a retired poetry professor.  The professor invites him into his house and they form this bonds even though the two are complete opposites. The two men are looking for something in their lives and with meeting each other it turns out to be faith.  The criminal is conflicted in robbing the local bank and the professor having difficulty with heath issues. These two people talk each other through very difficult decision in their lives.

I loved Donald Sutherland in the role.  I thought he was very quiet but adventurous at the same time.  He played the role so well.  I was also blown away by Larry Mullen Jr, founder and drummer of U2.  His character was very dark and deep.  Overall the two guys played off each other really well. The acting easily made this film worth the watch.


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  1. Well acted by both actors. But the ending leaves a lot to be desired shite. Who tipped off the police? How does a person who has just been shot and robbed a bank wind up walking into his friends house. Isn’t he supposed to be in jail ? Did l miss something ?

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