DVD Review “Gift of The Magi”

Director: Lisa Mulcahy
Starring: Marla Sokoloff, Mark Webber and Glynis Casson
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment
Rated: Unrated
Run Time: 85 minutes

Our Score: 1.5 out of 5 stars

I am all for watching holiday movies year round as it is my favorite holiday. I will pretty much watch anything released it is Christmas themed. This film failed to hold on to any Christmas spirit at all. It is not cheerful and fun. The movie focuses more on lying and infidelities of our two main people. This film originated on the Hallmark Channel and it is easily one of the worst that I have seen recently.

The story two newlyweds Jim and Della Young, that do not have a lot of money and are having trouble finding the perfect gift for each out. The two sacrifice a lot for each other in order to make Christmas special. Though due to trying to keep it secret things the true meaning of their actions get lost. But if you are familiar with the gift of the magi, you know how it will end…and its a Hallmark movie, so come on it a happy ending.

The acting is nothing worth noting at all and the production value is low. Since this is a Hallmark film, I will cut Marla Sokoloff and Mark Webber a break. As if the film isn’t bad enough, there are no extras on this disc at all. If you are looking to get into getting into the Christmas spirit early this is not the film to do it with.

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