3D Blu-ray Review “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”

Directed by: Rob Marshall
Starring: Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Kevin McNally
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running time: 136 minutes

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 stars

I know that most are not big fans of “At World’s End” but I am a fan of it for sure. This film is definitely ranks better though and does not disappoint. I really enjoyed the 3D version of the film since it is not over baring effects. I felt that it is very subtle and very vibrant use of the beautiful landscapes. The “Pirates” series succeeds due to Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow. He doesn’t do much different from his last go as the Captain but he could honestly just stand in place the whole film and people will flock. All in all this is a great release and a must buy for fans of the series.

This time Captain Jack Sparrow sets his sights on the fountain of youth. Standing in his way is his lost love Angelica, played by Penélope Cruz and his latest enemy Blackbeard, played by Ian McShane, who is the most feared pirate. Geoffrey Rush also returns and shines in the film as his changes sides and also seeks the fountain of youth.

The picture on this Blu-ray is fantastic and very clear. The landscapes were the film was shot were so vibrant and colorful. The film was actually shot in 3D and it plays off all that very well and is such a sight to watch. Disney’s 3D releases have yet to disappoint and I am sure they will only get better and better with each release.  The sounds like most if not all Disney Blu-rays impresses with 7.1 sound and really captures the score and effects really well.

The special features are a little light for Disney standard and especially for such a large scale film but still are worth a watch. First off we have audio commentary from executive producer John DeLuca and director Rob Marshall. It is not most entertaining commentary but it is worth a listen to hear about some production insights. The next feature “Legends of On Stranger Tides” features producer Jerry Bruckheimer, writer Terry Rossio, Johnny Depp, Rob Marshall and more about they chat about the behind the scenes of the fourth installment. “In Search of the Fountain” chats about the Fountain of Youth and the legends behind it. “Last Sail, First Voyage” focuses on our villain Blackbeard. “Under the Scene: Bringing Mermaids to Life” is a really cool feature as we delve into the film’s visual effects. There are five deleted and extended scenes; “Old Bill,” “Smart Now,” “Tonight,” “Tango” and “Voodoo Doll”, definitely worth the watch. “Johnny Vs. Geoffrey” is self-explanatory from its title putting Captain Jack with Captain Barbosa. There are few scenes from “LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean”, which I would love to see as a feature. Lastly there is bloopers, which are very funny. One cool feature that called “Disney Second Screen”, which allows you to sync with your computer or iPad and enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes content and more.

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