Interview with Syfy “Alphas” Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba is known best for his role of Bill Harken on Syfy’s “Alphas”. The show is finishing up its first season and is already green-lit for season two. Media Mikes was able to chat with Malik about working on “Alphas” and also about his character.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you enjoy the most about playing Bill Harken on “Alphas”?
Malik Yoba: I really enjoy the entire experience as we have a great cast. I think everyone working on the show are also fans of it. The writing is good and everyone is really talented. The gig is very easy to like. It’s not every day where you get a show that everything seems to work.

MG: Do you enjoy how physical your role on the show is?
MY: I am the old man of the group besides David and we all want to hold onto youth. (Laughs) It’s good when you can be challenged in more than one way. The physical aspects of the show make it that much more appealing.

MG: What has surprised you most about working on the show?
MY: I think the biggest surprise for me was that I ended up liking it so much. I think if you have done a lot of television and been down that road you know how hard it is to find a good show that has everything going for it. To actually work on a show that works and is worth your time is amazing. It’s definitely been a surprise and a pleasure. Everyone on the cast has gotten really tight and we all know how good the show is.

MG: How do you feel this show differs from your previous work?
MY: I think any opportunity you get to show a little bit more range is good. I have never done a show where I have had special abilities or where special effects have been used, so this one has been good.

MG: What has been your favorite episode so far?
MY: I like them all for different reason but I really liked the “Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure” episode. It was such a damn hoot and we such a good time shooting.

MG: What can we expect from the finale?
MY: All I know is that the writers wrote a pretty massive episode and that we shot it! (Laughs) It was good and I think we were all impressed. There is a good cliffhanger that I think will leave people wanting more. We are just happy that people have responded to the show and we have some serious fans. The fact that people connected to the show in 11 episodes is wonderful.

MG: What are your plans for during the break?
MY: I am teaching a class right now at Long Island University. I also have some web series stuff as well as recording music. I am also setting up a feature film to direct after season two shooting wraps up.


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