Interview with Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin is co-starring in ABC’s new series “Unforgettable”.  He has also appeared in shows like “Big Love” and “Justified”.  Media Mikes was able to chat with Kevin about his role on “Unforgettable” and what we can expect from it.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about your role of Roe Saunders on “Unforgettable”?
Kevin Rankin: Attitude.  A LOT of attitude.  This dude has some swagger.  He questions everything, including Carrie’s ability.  Always trying to stump her or “figure” her out.  His curiosity makes him a great detective.  He also loves to make wisecracks and keep things light when it gets to dark.  He loves the streets that he protects and he knows Queens like the back of his hand.  He’s the guy who is always saying, “I gotta guy”, you know the ones who have the streets on lock, a “friend” in every corner of the city.  I’d want him on working on my case, that’s for sure.

MG: What drew you to the project and what do you feel makes it stand out?
KR: Initially the involvement of Niels, the director, made me very interested.  With pilots, the director they choose is setting the “look” and “culture” of the show.  It’s such an important part in the making of a series, you HAVE to get it right.  Once I met with John and Ed, the creators, Their excitement alone fueled me enough to jump on this ride.  I hope that we will stand out through more character.  I’d say they are letting me play a character that is a little more “out there” then most of your T.V cops.  Just being allowed to have some fun with it.

MG: Tell us about what we can expect from the first season?
KR: It’s gonna be UNFORGETTABLE!!  Gonna be hard to live up to that title.  Like naming your kid Legend.  And you known how tempting it is to every critic out there.  I say c’mon guys, too easy, be a little more creative with the headline huh?  This first season will probably consist of a lot of crimes being solved and some stuff that will be, well UNFORGETTABLE!!!

MG: This year has been a busy year for you with “Justified” and “Big Love”, are future plans for those shows as well?
KR: Well, “Big Love has passed on”.  It was a tremendous experience working on that show.  True artist.  Justified is alive and well.  They called me last week to see if I was interested in coming back and I didn’t hesitate to deliver a “Hell yeah!”  One thing stacked against this happening is that It shoots on the west coast while “Unforgettable” shoots in NYC.  At this point it’s up to both shows to see if this logistical nightmare can become a reality.  My fingers are crossed to be able to swing both, love playing Devil.

MG: How do you compare working on those than “Unforgettable”?
KR: Those shows were about the characters and they were more serialized than “Unforgettable” is.  We are figuring out crimes each week.  On shows like “Big Love” you are “sinking” into these characters, marinating in their world.  The plan is to bring more of that aspect to “Unforgettable”.

MG: Tell us about your role of Alexander Berkman in “J. Edgar”?
KR: This is so exciting to me.  I got to work with DiCaprio AND Eastwood the same time!  My character was around in the beginning of J. Edgar’s career, as apart of the big “red scare”.  An anarchist writer who was involved with Emma Goldman and that movement.  Leo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood are true gentlemen and amazing artists.

MG: How was your experience working on that film?
KR: Eastwood’s set is like no other.  You can hear a pin drop.  Yes, you should be able to hear a pin drop on all sets but people like to talk way to much when they are at work.  Makes the day longer and Eastwood knows it.  He brings along the same crew for every job.  I guess if your the guy talking, you won’t be invited to play on the next one so everyone abides so cool.

MG: What else do you have upcoming?
KR: I also have a film I just finished that will hopefully be ready for Sundance 2012.  It’s a film my buddy Brian Dietzen (“N.C.I.S”) wrote and we both star in.  It’s called “Congratulatons” and it captures the difficult transition into adulthood and trying to live up to societal expectations when it comes to love.  It’s actually a really funny film about just trying to get it right.  It is the first movie that I’ve helped produce and I couldn’t be more proud.  It also stars Debra Jo Rupp, Abby Miller and Jill Farley. Great cast.

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