Interview with Ian Glaubinger

Ian Glaubinger is the man behind Doodles from My Noodle. He mixes his cartoons with pop culture. He has created some really fun and interesting pieces from various films, video games, etc and even specific characters, including “Willy Wonka”, “The Big Lebowski” and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Ian about this art and what he calls his “Doodles from My Noodle”.

Mike Gencarelli: What is your process when you start working on a project aka doodle?
Ian Glaubinger: I would actually say my process has been pretty much the same for a long time now. First, I come up with the idea and as of late I like to have some kind of ‘catch’ or ‘gimmick’ rather than just drawing the character or subject matter ‘as is’. After I have my idea, it’s always the same. I start with traditional pencil and paper just like when I was drawing dinosaurs in kindergarten! However, my sketches typically aren’t a complete illustration but actually just separate elements that I combine digitally later on the computer. I draw most elements by hand but there are some that I draw directly on the computer. After I scan my image(s) I redraw (or for lack of a better word; trace) my pencil sketches in Adobe Illustrator. After I have redrawn everything I create all of the elements that I didn’t draw by hand such as text, background elements, etc. After all of this is done I start to move all of them around until I am satisfied with the layout. After the layout is set I then start to color everything and add any special effects like rough edges, patterns, etc. Oh and for anyone who cared to know, I am strictly a PC guy!

MG: What are some of your favorites films and cartoons?
IG: Favorite movies… oh boy. Too many to count but my all time favorite is definitely Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Some others are the Back to the Future trilogy, The Shawshank Redemption and anything Pixar except Cars. I love the old Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera cartoons, the old Simpsons seasons, Mission Hill (all time favorite) and my current favorite one is a show called “Dan Vs.”.

MG: When you attend conventions, what are some of the requests you have received?
IG: I always get the typical Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, etc. But sometimes I get more obscure ones like Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Green Lantern wearing a NY Rangers jersey making the Stanley Cup from his ring and one time Johnny Depp playing a piano with a candelabra.

MG: Have you ever done any doodles for celebrities?
IG: My one claim to fame is I drew Captain Nemo (from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) for Scott Adsit from the show “30 Rock”.

MG: Which do you prefer digital or hand drawn?
IG: I will say, for me, you cannot have one without the other. Some days I prefer the look of a good hand drawn illustration, guidelines, imperfections and all. And some days I prefer the look of completed digital piece. So I really do not have a preference.

MG: What is your favorite doodle that you have done?
IG: Hmmm… that’s a tough one. As most artists will tell you, they almost can’t stand the look of any artwork that is old which I tend to agree with. So currently I have a couple of favorites until I don’t like them anymore. My current favorites are a Pee Wee Herman piece titled “Prehistoric Pee Wee” for an upcoming show at Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA and a Back to the Future piece from my “Part of This Complete Breakfast” series.

MG: What is the coolest commission project that you have received?
IG: That would actually have to be the piece mentioned above; the Back to the Future piece from my “Part of This Complete Breakfast” series. I did a set of 3 pieces for a show a while back called 3G where we had to create 3 unique pieces of art for Goonies, Ghostbusters and Gremlins. I created 3 pieces that all had fictional breakfast cereals on them and a gentleman bought the whole series and later commissioned me to do a 4th for his (and one of mine too) favorite movies, Back to the Future in the same style. I had a blast doing it and may end up doing more in the future.

MG: Can I beg you to do a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Jaws” doodle?
IG: I’ve had a hankering to do a “Jaws” piece for a while but the thought of “Fear and Loathing” never crossed my mind. Make me an offer I can’t refuse *wink wink*. There are so many characters and movies I have in my head that I want to do I just haven’t had the chance to start them yet.

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