Interview with Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan co-stars in the 3D thriller “Shark Night 3D”.  The film is directed by David R. Ellis and co-star Sara Paxton, Chris Carmack, Chrisk Zylka, Sinqua Walls and Joel Moore.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Dustin about his role in the film and also working with the sharks

Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with “Shark Night 3D”?
Dustin Milligan: Oddly enough, I was circling more than one Shark movie at the time (pun fin-tended), but “Shark Night 3D” was by far the best-paced and most fun. So after talking with David Ellis about the shoot and the crazy (and totally new to me) action/stunts I’d get to do down in the Louisiana bayou, I was sold.

MG: Tell us about the 3D filming process, was it difficult shoot?
DM: The team we worked with were old pros when it came to 3D, and more specifically underwater 3D.  So as actors all we had to do was remember to act in that additional dimension, which was new to almost all of us as the majority of us had only been on 2D projects.

MG: David R. Ellis obviously knows action and knows 3D, how was it working with him?
DM: With David, you know you’re in good hands because of his stunt/action background, and his prior work has allowed him to hone-in on what to do and not to do with 3D. Most importantly, though, he’s a really fun guy to work with. He shut-down set one day, pretending to be all angry and serious, then busted out four dozen Krispy Kremes and held a donut eating contest! I wanted to participate but couldn’t because of the high-cramp potential due to eating prior to working underwater.

MG: The film has such a great young cast, tell us about working with Sara Paxton, Joel Moore and everyone else?
DM: One of the coolest parts of this shoot was how great the entire cast got along, despite not being allowed to look at or speak directly to Ms.Paxton or ride in Mr. Moore’s double-wide stretch Hummer to/from set [laughs]. We all ate together, went to movies together, there were basketball games– It was really nice to see everyone drop the ego at the door and just get down to have fun.

MG: Tell us about working with the sharks in “Shark Night 3D”?
DM: Terrifying. The mechanical sharks were equipped with real shark teeth! It was nuts being in the water with them while they’re thrashing around because if your hand got too close to their mouth it would undoubtedly end up bleeding. The realism the shark team was going for paid off though as all the mechanical sharks look really awesome.

MG: We interviewed Richard de Klerk, tell us about your film “Repeaters” and when can we see it?
DM: “Repeaters” is on sale now! Please go check your local DVD-buying source and buy the DVD. It was a blast working on such a dark and twisted story with such hilarious and dark and twisted Canadians. I’ve also got another film with director Carl Bessai going to TIFF this year called “Sisters & Brothers” which I am very excited about. It’s entirely improvised and I shot my whole sequence with my buddy Cory Monteith in one day! It sounds insane but I promise it will be good.

MG: What do you have planned next?
DM: Like, after this interview? I dunno, probably put some pants on. Make an omelet [laughs].


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