Interview with Greg Sestero

Greg Sestero is known for his role of Mark in the cult film “The Room”.  Greg is currently writing a book about his experience working on the film and working with Tommy Wiseau. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Greg about the film and the upcoming book.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you originally meet Tommy Wiseau and get involved with the film?
Greg Sestero: Ironically, I met Tommy in an acting class. I watched him attempt a Shakespearean sonnet and thought, I have to do a scene with him.

MG: Did you originally take this as a serious film because of it’s content or more comedy
due to its major plot holes?
GS: I think it’s obvious that there was only one way to have taken it. Out of nowhere, playing football in tuxedos three feet apart kinffd of says it all.

MG: What is your favorite part of attending the midnight screenings with fans?
GS: The fans are the best part of the whole thing; always so gracious and enthusiastic. They come up with the most clever riffs for the film.

MG: You were recently in Prague; did you think you would be touring internationally with this film?
GS: Not a chance. Like many, I truly didn’t think the film would see the light of day.

MG: Tell us about why you’re writing the book now?
GS: It’s been almost a decade of questions about “The Room”. Why, and how, on earth was it made? Where did the $6 million dollar budget come from? Who is Tommy Wiseau? I think the story behind the film is replete with just as much hilarity, entertainment and mind boggling insanity as the film itself. Its an unbelievable story I feel fans and non fans can thoroughly enjoy.

MG: How does Tommy Wiseau feel about your writing this book?
GS: Probably that I should leave my stupid comments in my pocket.

MG: What other projects are you currently working on or have upcoming?
GS: I recently shot a video with Patton Oswalt for the comedy website 5secondfilms. Which you can view here.

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