Interview with Christopher Laudando & Scott Meaney

Christopher Laudando & Scott Meaney are the creators of the science fiction graphic novel “Constellation Park”.  “Constellation Park” is sci-fi-fantasy-superhero adventure that will forever change the way you look at the stars! Media Mikes had a chance to chat with these guys about their graphic novel and find out what inspires them.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you come up with the idea for “Constellation Park”?
Christopher Laudando: The idea was inspired by anxiety disorders. We wanted to center a story on a character that thought he was suffering from hallucinations but was actually seeing flashbacks of events that happened to him in the past. However, (spoiler alert!) our main character quickly learns that he is from another dimension.
Scott Meaney: That is the hardest question to answer with this Graphic Novel, the book felt like it actually wrote itself. I think it is just our collective love of the way the 1980’s idealized fantasy movies and how they almost weren’t made for kids.

MG: The book was independently produced, what was your biggest challenge?
CL: The biggest challenge was preventing Scott from going completely insane. He co-wrote this story as well as illustrating the entire book. Madness.
SM: For me, it was drawing 84 pages. It is an endurance test. The writing is fun for me. The drawing is all consuming focus. I get grumpy.

MG: Where did you get the inspiration for the characters?
CL: Like most people my age, I was raised on Spielberg and Lucas films. Characters from their movies completely molded my way of thinking. I would be lying if I said there isn’t any Star Wars sprinkled into the characters of Constellation Park. I also wanted to incorporate my take on the importance of having true friendship. Our story really is about three lonely strangers that ultimately save each other by simply coming into one another’s lives.
SM: Harold Mephisto Jr. is based loosely of Gene Wilder in a few of his roles. Film and literature is a big inspiration for me. “Delorean Grey” is a nod to “Back to the Future” and “Oscar Wilde” at the same time. A strange mash up, I guess.

MG: Why should people pick up a copy of this?
CL: So I can plan my retirement! {Comedic Pause…} But really folks… The story is a lot of fun. I think no matter what type of genre you are a fan of there is something that you can connect with in this book.
SM: It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced…and I need to eat.

MG: When can we expect a follow-up to “Constellation Park”?
CL: We are currently in the process of writing the second installment. It should be out sometime in 2012. “Constellation Park” is going to be a three-book saga. Sound familiar??
SM: I am actually drawing it now as Chris and I write it. A few pages exist in pencil form.

MG: When is the movie adaption coming out?
CL: As soon as a higher power lifts the ban on miracles for Staten Island residents.
SM: Hopefully very very soon. The comic was meant to be very cinematic.

MG: Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing?
CL: Listening to 90s rock music and watching movies from that era. It was a great time in pop culture. I plan on brainwashing my daughter into believing the same.
SM: Art, music, and conversation. I dunno friend me on facebook and you can read my bio [laughs].

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