Film Review “The Kids Grow Up”

Director: Doug Block
Copacetic Pictures and Hard Working Movies
Runtime: 92 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3 out of 5 stars

“The Kids Grow Up” is a documentary written and directed by Doug Block. The film shows the relationship between Doug and his daughter as she prepares to leave home for the first time to attend college.

“The Kids Grow Up” does a great job showcasing the feelings and worries that I am sure all parents have when their child or children leave home for the first time. Block shares not only his feeling about the upcoming changes in his life but also takes time to re-examine the relationship between him and his own parents and how that affected his parenting style. Block’s daughter Lucy at times shows frustration with the camera which she states has been on her for as long as she can remember. It seems as though she too has some uneasy feelings about leaving home. “The Kids Grow Up” is an interesting look at one families parenting style and their ability to cope with everyday life struggles. This film may not appeal to the teen or younger audience however I think parents will really enjoy the film.

The special features portion of “The Kids Grow Up” has just over 50 minutes of bonus material. In this section you can also find a bio on the director the original trailer for this film and several other films that are being distributed by Docurama films. The bonus material had some great clips that further solidified the bond between father and daughter that is so prevalent in this film. The extra material was almost too much at times but it was an enjoyable watch.

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