DVD Review “I Ride”

Directed by: Daron Ker
Distributed: Water Buffalo Pictures
Rated: N/A
Runtime: 82 min.

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars/strong>

“I Ride” directed by Daron Ker is a documentary about The Fryed Brothers Band which is a country rock band that formed in 1982. The band has been dubbed “The Most Dangerous Biker Band in the World” due to their affiliation with several outlaw motorcycle groups. “I Ride” documents the band from their beginnings as well focusing on their place within the motorcycle ranks.

“I Ride” is an interesting film on motorcycle culture. The film doesn’t solely look at the people who ride motorcycles but it focuses on a band that is followed by motorcyclist. Filming this way I think allowed Director Damon Ker to show an interesting perspective that until now has not been seen by anyone outside of the groups featured in the film. The Fryed Brothers Band has a great story and the film helps show that story. They were a great choice making Ker’s decision to focus the film around them a great one! If you have a chance check out “I Ride”.

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