DVD Review “Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Volume 4”

Directed by: Kunihisa Sugishima
Network: Cartoon Network
Episodes: 7 out of 51 episodes
Run Time: 154 minutes

Disc Score: 3 out 5 stars

“Beyblade” might be a little out of my age range when it comes to TV shows. I do not have kids yet but I do know how popular the “Beyblade” series is. It was not hard to catch up with this show prior to watching this DVD volume. This first series of “Beyblade: Metal Fusion” consists of 51 episodes, so volume 4 consists of episodes 22-28. Following this series, there is “Beyblade: Metal Masters”, and then Metal Fight Beyblade 4D”, each consists of 51 episodes each as well. I enjoyed this episodes overall.

The following episodes included are “The Fearsome Libra”, which show Ginga, Kyouya, Yu and Madoka are the final four left in the surival battle. “The Road to the Battle Bladers” follow Yu after he won the battle reveals he’s a member of the Dark Nebula. “The Beautiful Eagle” follows the meet of Tsubasa and how he has many secrets. “The Sniper Capricorn” has Kyouya going against Tobio, aka Captain Capri. “Tsubasa Flies Into The Dark” follows Tsubasa as he attempts to join Dark Nebula. “Intruders in the Challenge Match” features Kenta battling in the forest stadium and Hyoma battling in the river stadium. “Dark Gasher’s Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation” is the last episode on the disc and features Tetsuya as he follows Yu back to the Dark Nebula Headquarters.

Besides the episodes, their are no extras but kids will enjoy the fact that this DVD set includes an exclusive code unlocking special features, including the ability to battle other Beybladers on Beybladebattles.com.

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