Interview with J. Teddy Garces

J. Teddy Garces is best known for his portrayal of Bruiser in the web series “The Guild” and Julian in “Ted Sampon: Househusband”. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with J. Teddy about his roles and what he has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you meet Felicia Day and end up working on “The Guild” as Bruiser?
JTG: “The Guild” was a great experience from beginning to end. I received a call from my agent about an audition for a series that was pretty popular on the web. I read the audition material and researched the show. I loved it. When I went in to read for the role of Bruiser, Felicia was there with Sean (the director) and Kim (the Producer). Jenni Powell was also there, she was the one I read with. They all generated such great energy during the audition that it became very easy to feel comfortable. I remember there was a lot of laughter from everyone in the room and the next day I received a call that I had gotten the part.

MG: What can we expect from season five of the show?
JTG: To be honest I don’t really know what season five holds in store. The show changes from season to season and with Felicia, although you know its going to be great, you still don’t know what to expect.

MG: Tell us about your latest film “Surrogate”?
JTG: “Surrogate” is the remarkable story about the life of poet and journalist Mark O’Brien. Ben Lewin wrote and directed the piece. It was such a refreshing script to read and even more rewarding to work on. Mark O’Brien lived in an Iron Lung due to polio.

MG: How was it working with such a great cast including, John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and Moon Bloodgood?
JTG: I had a brief but very nice role in the film. I spent my time with Moon Bloodgood and John Hawkes. My interaction in the film was with them. They were very welcoming during filming from the moment I arrived until I left. Its always a positive when you have the opportunity to experience someone else’s work process. John and Moon worked very well together, and as a result, I felt completely at ease in communicating with them during the work and between takes.

MG: Tell us about working on the online series, “Dragon Age” due this Summer?
JTG: “Dragon Age’ was a phenomenal time from beginning to end for me. It provided a new experiences for me as an actor. I play a Qunari Warrior and was in a make up chair for 5 hours getting the prosthetics  glued on to me. Wow! It was exciting and exhausting, but when I arrived on set to shoot, I knew from everyone’s reaction that something great was happening.

MG: You are also producing your own New Media series called “Sound Advice”, tell us about it?
JTG: Yes, “Sound Advice”! “He doesn’t mean to be rude … He just is”. That’s the tagline! It’s my five episode rude creation about a dysfunctional therapist who is completely ruthless in his methods. Its an intelligent show that forces you to leave your hangups at the door. The promo clips are already online now but the episodes don’t premiere till July 2011. I wrote, produced and starred in it because as an actor, I’m a strong believer in doing the things that can springboard your advancement. Sean Becker directed it. There is a website: and I am also hosting it on www.Blip.Tv/soundadvice.

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