Interview with Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan is known for her role of Martha Rogers on ABC’s hit show “Castle”. With the show approach its end of season three and is hotter than ever, Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Susan about her role and what we can expect for season four.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you like most about playing Martha Rogers on “Castle”?
Susan Sullivan: I think when you are cast well in something, the character sort of mirrors and crystallizes your own dynamics. It really brings out where you are in your life and also certain things you are experiencing. The whole aspect of aging, feeling a little marginalized, trying to stay alive and in the game and youthful.  All of those aspects are fun for me to explore because [laughs], I am exploring them in my own life.

MG: What has been your inspiration for her character?
SS: My real inspiration for this character is my own mother, who is 94 and still with us, God bless her.  She is someone that is always offering advise to people and who is very helpful.  She is like this wise old soul, plus she has a lot of energy and incite…that she readily shares. I think I try to incorporate parts of my mother into the character.  In fact Martha being a life coach was my mother’s idea.  We even put one of my mothers lines in the show, “You is who you is and if you ain’t who you is, who is you?”, which she says on a daily basis [laughs].  So that is my personal inspiration and of course as we grow older we sort of become our mothers, so there you go.

MG: The family dynamic that you have on the show is just great, how was it been working with Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn?
SS: It is just great. Of course even if it wasn’t I would tell you it is but in this case it actually is [laughs].  I think it would be really hard to fake that.  We have this really connectedness.  I look at Nathan now and I said “Wow we are starting to even look a like, when did that happen?”  Of course Molly is completely delightful.  In relationships, it is always wonderful when you have something to learn from the person you are with.  I learn a lot from both of them in very different ways.  We have a really profound connection.

MG: Do you have a favorite episode from the series to date?
SS: Well on a personal level, yes.  I don’t know if it was necessarily one of the better episodes. When I find out that Chet has died and dealing with that loss and how one comes to terms with that.  That was really interesting for me as an actor and as a woman.

MG: You have worked on various TV series, how do you find this show differs from them?
SS: Each show has its own personality and style.  Of course “Dharma and Greg” was a sitcom, so that was completely different and also she was sort of an abrasive character.  Each character you play, you tend to bring the character home with you.  For Martha, I would have to say is that she has so much life force about her and she is wonderful to encounter.  I would have to say that she is probably one of my favorite characters, even though you don’t see a lot of her.  But that is sort of good too.

MG: Any sneak as to what we can expect for the end of this season?
SS: Well [laughs], I must tell you it is one of these shows where so much happens in one episode.  I read the script and said this should be a two-parter.  I think they even shot enough for a two-parter, so I know a lot of that episode will be left on the cutting room floor.  Well, it is going to be a complete surprise, with all the turns and angles. This is a show about turns that surprise and if the turns don’t surprise you in the storyline then it isn’t much fun. Hang on to your hat kid, because this is a whirlwind.  I can tell you that.

MG: Not sure what you can tell about next season but will Martha have new love interest?
SS: Oh, I am sure several [laughs].  I insist in fact, it is in my contact.

MG: What else are you currently working on?
SS: For the month of June, I will be doing a play called “Love, Loss and What I Wore”.  It is at the West Side Theater in New York.  It is with a rotating cast of actresses, five women. So if anyone is in New York and is a “Castle” fan…look it up!

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