Interview with Robbie Tucker

Robbie Tucker is co-starring in Disney’s “Prom”, playing the character Charlie, a sweet kid brother that tries to play matchmaker and brings sincere tenderness to the comedy. Robbie also recently appeared in “Little Fockers”, working alongside Ben Stiller.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Robbie about his new film “Prom” and how he loves acting.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you got involved with “Prom”
Robbie Tucker: Well I auditioned with a lot of other kids.  They liked me and I booked it [laughs].

MG: Tell us about your role of Charlie?
RT: He is the little brother of the main character in the film.  I help my brother try and get a date for prom.

MG: Any cool stories from working on the film?
RT: It was just fun in general working on the film.  Everyone was so nice to me.

MG: Did you get any tips from the other actors?
RT: They told me just to be myself, which was really nice.

MG: What make you want to get into acting?
RT: My sister first started acting and when I saw her doing it and I thought it looked fun.  So I tried it out and I really liked it.

MG: When you worked on “Little Fockers”, did you get a chance to meet the whole cast?
RT: I got to meet Ben Stiller.  He was really fun to work with.

MG: How do you find working on “The Young and the Restless” differs from doing the film “Prom”?
RT: Filming on the show is more faster.  It changes pretty often during shooting.  They do a bunch of scenes everyday and that is different from a movie, which is spread over a longer time.

MG: What other projects do you have coming out?
RT: I just did a movie in Michigan called “Family Weekend”. It is about my older sister in the movie and how she kidnaps our parents for the weekend.  They are also too busy for the kids and never listen to them.  It is really funny.

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