Interview with Vincent Caso

Vincent Caso is known best for his role of Bladezz in the web series “The Guild”.  With season five on it way this summer, the series shows no of slowing down.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Vincent about his role in the show and what else he has planned upcoming.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with “The Guild”?
Vincent Caso: It was actually very streamline and very professional, sort of flow from the start. Right out of the gate, I got a call from my agent saying I had an audition for a 30 minute pilot. I got the script for the whole season and read through it. Originally when Felicia wrote it, she had the idea to do a made for TV pilot and wanted it to be a TV show. I did the audition and they loved me and that was history. After that Felicia said “You know what this is going to be too much bureaucracy…too much politics, we are just going to go with a web series instead”.

MG: What is the best part of playing Bladezz?
VC: With any character I do play, I like to be someone that is definitely not me. I always get enjoyment out of playing someone that is so different from myself that it is like playing pretend, it is fun and exciting. That is definitely the best part of it and we just have a lot of fun on set.

MG: Do you find it difficult work on the web series?
VC: You think it would be but surprisingly it isn’t. We do have a lower budget but the whole production process is extremely professional. It is extremely smooth. In most cases, it is almost impossible to tell the different between a web series like “The Guild” or a TV series because of the way we run it. Of course there are web series out there that go on completely dirt cheap to no budgets and sometimes you can tell and sometimes you can’t. From the start we have had it a very specific point and our goal to make sure that our show looks as good as possible and that the crew and cast feel as comfortable in there environment as possible, regardless of our budget.

MG: Outside the show are you really into any MMORPG?
VC: After recording season one, Felicia got me into playing “WOW” for a little while. I played it for a while, I got a few characters to level 50+. I was having fun but the thing that gets me is that I get bored really easy. I start doing one thing and my attention gets taken somewhere else. I bounce from one thing to another. I play the occasional console game but I have been so busy recently.  I still try and find time now and then to let loose and have some fun.

MG: What is the best part of shooting the music videos?
VC: Oh my God, the videos were some of the most fun we have had on the series. It is just crazy. I am especially shocked with the production value of the song. I kept thinking that this is actually a good song. “Date My Avatar” ended up ranking really high on iTunes. I was shocked seeing on iTunes and it was great. The videos are always just a blast, it is just a chance for us to being completely ridiculous and we have no constraints in the area of realism. We just let loose and it is always just a great time.

MG: What can you tell us about season five?
VC: I can tell you probably something that you know, that at the end of season four we are going to a convention from the creators of our game. I can tell you season five will be taking place a lot in that convention. As far as other plot details, I can’t tell you anything. More so that I do not have a script yet and I do not know what Felicia is planning. All I know is that it is going to be crazy and you might see a return of Bladezz in some very humorous situations.

MG: What other projects do you have in the works?
VC: Right now, I have a few projects outside “The Guild”. One project, I have called “The End”, it is currently struggling in terms of budget and production. I am waiting to see what happens on that. I also have another guest spot on a web series, can’t say much about that just yet though. I have a couple more enormous things that are panning out right now. I can’t say more than I am attached to a few projects that are very big and going places. Hopefully I will be able to talk more about it in the coming months as details pans out and studios start letting some details go. That is really excited and I hope I could say more…but hopefully soon.

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