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Will Sasso is currently starring in TV hit show “$#*! My Dad Says”.  “$#*! My Dad Says” is one of my favorite new shows from this past year.  Will co-stars with the very funny William Shatner, Nicole Sullivan and Jonathan Sadowski.  Will is one funny guy and alumni from the TV series “Madtv”.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Will about his role on the show and what it was like working with William Shatner.

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Mike Gencarelli: How did you become involved with “$#*! My Dad Says”?
Will Sasso: It was just one of the pilots that came around during pilot season. It is kind of a unromantic story. You get a bunch of scripts and then just go out for different auditions. At the end of it you hope you end up with the role. Like anything with television there are a lot of steps, they want to be sure who they got and what they are doing.

MG: Tell us about your character Vince on the show and have you been enjoying playing him?
WS: It is a blast. I love the character and I love what they let me do with it. I feel like since the beginning the writers and producers have had a clear idea of what they want to do with Vince. That actually helps me have a clear idea of what I want to do with him. It is actually different that what it was suppose to be in the original script. They have taken the show in a really great direction and it has been fun to finding out who this guy is together.

MG: How is it having William Shatner for a dad in the show?
WS: It is pretty cool. I am originally from Canada, so it is a real trip. You were always conscious of William Shatner when you are growing up in Canada. Because he is Canadian, he is like the de facto prime minister over there. He is what you expect him to be. He is a man that has been in the business over 50 years. He is conscious of almost every single move that he makes as an actor. I have been saying this over and over, but Bill is about every scene, every line and every word. He is quite constant and I feel that this point in his career that is what keeps him going.

MG: How has it been reunited with “Madtv” alumni Nicole Sullivan on the show?
WS: That just happened Nicole was the last gal standing for her role and I was the last guy standing for my role. It was a real coincidence. It is great because as far as “Madtv” goes, we are kind of scattered around. They never really have like a movie thing going on at “Madtv”. It is not like a bunch of people stay together and do project after project. You just kind of get shot out of there and that is it. Anytime you can work with one of your old pals, it is great. It has been an absolute blessing working with Nicole on this.

MG: Any funny moments that you can share from the show?
WS: Just about anything that Bill says to me at any point throughout the day makes me laugh. We just have a great time all day. There is nothing specific that I can think of as a highlight. I believe that is because it is all a highlight. I am really fortunate to be doing something that I really love. I do not take that for granted. Because of that I kind of walk around blessed out all of the time. I am very lucky. I am sure if I didn’t enjoy it, two things…one I would be an asshole and two that one time that something really funny happened I would remember it. But as it stands, it is just one joyful experience.

MG: It must have been fun in the episode when you and Jonathan Sadowski have the mustache contest?
WS: That was fun. Actually it is the other way around. I really can’t grow a mustache and when I do it kind of comes in a little blond and red…it’s kind of weird. But that Jonathan, he is like the Mexican werewolf boy [laughs]. He probably has to nair his face in the morning [laughs].

MG: Any buzzing about the show coming back for a second season?
WS: The show has been consistent in the ratings. It is always interesting when a show goes up against “American Idol”. It makes the other networks understand what that monster it is. We have been hearing good things, but there are also some things the show needs to do. I do not want to get too technical with it but it is show business. Hopefully we have enough of a fan base to come back. I think the most important thing honestly is that we are having a lot of fun. If we are having a lot of fun then hopefully it translates through the screen. I have always felt that way about anything I work on…that it has to be a lot of fun.

MG: What else do you have planned upcoming?
WS: I got “Mongo Wrestling Alliance” that is airing on [adult swim], Sundays at midnight. My good buddy Tommy Blanca created that. I am doing some voices for that. Past that nothing really else nailed down.

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