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Nicole Sullivan is one of the star of TV’s newest hit show “$#*! My Dad Says”. Nicole is also an alumni of “Madtv” along with her “$#*!” co-star Will Sasso. When Nicole isn’t working on “$#*! My Dad Says”, she is lending her voice for Nickelodeon’s “The Penguins of Madagascar”. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Nicole about her role in her new show and what is is like working with a cast of all men.

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Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about how you got involved with “$#*! My Dad Says”
Nicole Sullivan: When it was pilot season last year, the scripts start coming in and I started reading them. I was reading one and my husband called me and said the script came in for “$#*! My Dad Says”. He was really excited because he was actually of fan of the tweets. He told me that they were making a show about the tweets and it was starring William Shatner. He told me to come home immediately and read it but I told him I couldn’t because I had a meeting. He told “No you got to skip that meeting because you HAVE to do this show” [laughs].

MG: How do you enjoy working on the show with a cast of mostly men?
NS: Being the only girl the show has its moments. The guys spend a lot of time talking about Ultimate Fighting and cage matches, all things I do not understand [laughs]. It is just a dream. It is a small cast, so we get a lot of time to sit around and talk about movies and really bond. I realize how much I rely on talking to Bill (Shatner) about different things. He is just so knowledgeable and interesting. I just love talking to him. Working with Jonathan is just a hoot. He is one of the most positive upbeat guys, I have ever met in my life. He always has a smile on his face and he is always excited about something. I think that is such a great quality in someone…like life sort of excites them. Working with Will is just a dream come true, we just have so much fun. It is always a joy. We just get each others humor. We know we can ask each other for help. It is just so perfect.

MG: Any improv on the set between you and fellow “Madtv” alumni Will Sasso?
NS: Most of it is pretty written out because they have to get there shots. But Will and I always manage to find those little moments and we would say “Let’s rip on that for 30 seconds and they won’t cut”, that way we get some of our stuff in [laughs]. We always try to pry our stuff in there and they are usually really receptive about it.

MG: What has been the most fun episode to shoot so far?
NS: I think the episode where Will’s character and I get remarried. I like that one because it really has a lot of heart. It also shows a lot of about Bill’s character Ed Goodson and how he is really such a good guy. It was also really sweet how much my character and Will’s character were really in love with each other after all those years. I thought it was cute. It had some good sensitive moments but also enough funny moments to keep it energetic and alive.

MG: That is what I like so much about this show, it is only in season one and it is already branching out way beyond what was in the pilot.
NS: That is what is so great about these writers, normally it takes a show to kind of find its footing. I thought for us about halfway through the season, we really found out what this show is going to be about and that is just awesome!

MG: How do you feel that “$#*! My Dad Says” differs from the other shows you’ve done?
NS: Well you know Bill Shatner is the difference for me. When you have someone like him with brings such energy to the show. He is so iconic and so famous but also so talent and so focused. He is a really great leader. You feel like you have someone at the head of the ship. I think in first year shows, they struggle to figure out who is doing what in the show. But with Bill in charge, we all sort of look to him to see what to do next.

MG: Do you think we will be seeing season two?
NS: It is always hit or miss. I have heard of people flown to New York to celebrate being renewed for another season only to get there and be told “Nevermind, you are not picked up”. Anything can surprise you, this business is brutal that way. I think we have a really good shot. Our numbers are really good and our audience does not fluctuate too much, which means that people are fans. We have our base groups. We won the People’s Choice Awards and that helps a lot. I think we have a darn good shot of coming back and that is what I am telling myself as I plan getting a new stove for my kitchen…I want a six burner stove [laughs].

MG: You also voice Marlene in “The Penguins of Madagascar”, how did you get involved with that?
NS: It is the same writers and producers that did “Kim Possible”. I did that show for like six or seven years, so we knew each other really well. They brought me in for “Penguins” but Dreamworks did not think I was right for it, so they got someone else. But after a couple of episodes, they realized my voice was right for it after all and I ended up redoing it. I am really blessed to be on that show because the people on that show are so freaking funny. Talk about a group of insane people. It is just so fun and it just got picked up for season three, so I am so happy.
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