Interview with G Tom Mac

Gerard McMahon aka G Tom Mac is the musician who sang the song “Cry Little Sister” from the 80’s classic film “The Lost Boys”. Since then Gerard has been had a bunch of albums and even scored some films. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Gerard to chat with him about his music and whats to come in the future.

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Mike Gencarelli: You have been attending the convention circuit recently, how has it been getting out there and meeting your fans?
Gerard McMahon: I had been offered in past years to attend these conventions to sign autographs and perform. So in 2008, I thought “Why not”! I found it to be a brilliant experience and a way to have a closer relationship with my fans.  You tend to see the fans on going throughout the weekend during each convention. So yes it’s been great! I’ll do more in the future.

MG: It has almost been 25 years since “Cry Little Sister” was released, do you ever get tired of performing it?
GM: It’s always a new experience it seems anytime I perform “Cry Little Sister” live. It’s one of my songs that has a habit of feeling fresh to me still. There is nothing more inspiring then an audience singing the chorus along with me.

MG: How do you feel about the song being remade for “The Lost Boys 2”, which was recorded by Aiden?
GM: Well it’s always a gratifying feeling when another artist covers your song. However I didn’t like the “Lost Boys: The Tribe” film and I thought Aiden did a fair job with doing the cover. The whole thing just seemed cheap to me, from the movie to the song cover, just not the level of quality I set standards at. But thanks Aiden for putting more money in my bank!

MG: With all the various versions covered by various band, do you have a favorite?
GM: There are some cool versions out there, bits from Seasons After, the singers voice was cool. But I love how Eminem sampled it in “You’re Never Over” on his “Recovery” album, it’s nominated for a Grammy this year you know.

MG: Have you ever considered remaking the song yourself?
GM: I actually have made a few newer versions myself of “Cry Little Sister”. I did a version for the bonus DVD video of “Lost Boys: The Tribe”. Warner’s asked me if I would consider it, I did what I called a Cave Club version. It’s on my “Thou Shalt Not Fall” album. Another version is on my G Tom Mac album in 2000. There was also a dance version I agreed to do with Lost Brothers DJ in England that version was # 1 for 6 weeks in the UK.

MG: Besides “The Lost Boys”, what is your second favorite project to work on?
GM: Hmm, that is a good question. I love coming up with songs for the variety of TV shows that I’m fortunate to write for. It’s hard to say what’s my second favorite, I am writing a musical presently & that’s challenging. I have to say as long as it’s interesting & challenging I’m in!

MG: With your musical knowledge, have you ever considered scoring a movie?
GM: I have scored a few films, which people say I should do a lot more often. This year I scored the independent film “Emerging Past”.

MG: What else are you currently working on?
GM: I have a company with a partner who was the former President of Warner Pictures music, that we just started a year ago, designed to produce music driven film projects. We have two films going into production this year and a TV series in development. I’ll be doing a tour this summer around the globe in support of my new album releasing in June.

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