“Men of a Certain Age” Interview Series

To mark the premiere of the second season of “Men of a Certain Age” on TNT, which airs Monday at 10pm. Our 3 friends in their late 40s, Terry, Owen, and Joe, very realistically and inspiringly played by Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher, and Ray Romano, test the bonds of their friendship as life continues to lob grenades in their paths.

This season it looks like Owen hires the perpetually underemployed Terry and they drive each other nuts. Joe continues to explore his newly single lifestyle while attempting to maintain a healthy relationship with his kids, including his daughter Lucy, played by Brittany Curran. Although this isn’t an outright comedy, there are comedic moments throughout the real-life interactions brought to us by the entire cast. You don’t have to be 40+ years old to enjoy this show, you just have to be a fan of great writing and acting. “Men of a Certain Age” airs at 10pm on TNT.

Movie Mikes had a chance to interview some of the cast from the show. Check out the interview below and enjoy. More interviews will be added shortly throughout the coming weeks.


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