Interview with Kristina Anapau

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Kristina Anapau co-stars in this Fall’s “Black Swan” playing the role of the competitive dancer, Galina. Kristina’s past credits include “Cursed”, “Madison”, “Cruel Intentions 3” and TV’s “Knight Rider”. Movie Mikes had a chance to ask Kristina a few questions about her role in “Black Swan” and find out a little bit about her already impressive career.

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Mike Gencarelli: Can you tell us about “Black Swan” and your role in the film?
Kristina Anapau: Black Swan is a paranormal thriller set in the professional ballet world in NYC. I play Galina, a Russian soloist in the company who’s competing with, Nina (Natalie Portman) for the lead role in Swan Lake.

MG: How was it playing the villain in “Black Swan”?
KA: I wasn’t the villain, per se, rather an extremely competitive ballerina who has her sights set on the lead role. The training was physically intense, however, it was well worth it and I am pleased to have been involved.

MG: What was it like working with Darren Aronofsky?
KA: I feel privileged to have been part of this production. I am a big fan of Darren’s previous work. The Fountain is one of my favorite films. Darren has a clear vision of what he is looking for in each moment, which creates an incredibly focused environment that I enjoyed very much. The dancing demanded unwavering discipline. His method of direction and the resulting climate on set lent itself beautifully towards the film painting a realistic depiction of the ballet world.

MG: Can you tell us about your experience working “Cursed” with Wes Craven?
KA: Even though he creates exceedingly scary films, Wes is an extremely kind and soft-spoken gentleman. As a director, he is able to work with actors in a way that is collaborative, while maintaining a strong trajectory towards his vision. Every day on set was a pleasure; I very much look forward to working with him again.

MG: Do you prefer writing and performing your own music or acting (Kristina had a recording contract with Hollywood Records and tour w/ Destiny’s Child)
KA: Both have their respective challenges. Nothing beats the energy of a live audience while performing musically. The issues of creative control over one’s musical direction can be frustrating and I find in acting the subtlety that shapes a theatrical performance, while under the guidance of a director, and support within a cast, is solely one’s own.

MG: Do you find a major difference between working on TV to working on movies?
KA: Yes, in film, it seems one has more freedom and time to create a complete character. I enjoy both mediums, there are some very intelligent television programs on air that I would like to be involved in.

MG: Tell us about some of your other upcoming projects?
KA: I have a great film called “The Speak”, that will be in theaters next year, as well as a gritty independent film called “5 Souls” in which I play a blind woman; It was one of the most rewarding acting experiences of my career to date. Anyone interested can follow me on Twitter @kanapaufans for up to date news on these films and their release dates

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