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1980’s sex symbol Kelly LeBrock started her modeling career at age 16, and coined the phrase “Don’t hate me because I’m Beautiful”, but Kelly LeBrock is probably best known for her role as the computer generated girlfriend “Lisa” in the 1985 John Hughes film “Weird Science”.  Kelly stepped out of the lime light a few years ago to focus on her children, but is making preparations to return in 2011. Adam Lawton of recently talked with Kelly about her career as well as her plans to return to acting.

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Adam Lawton: What made you want to branch out from modeling and get in to the acting field?
Kelly LeBrock: Well I actually never wanted to be a model, I wanted to always be a veterinarian. I always have had acting in my heart, and it was something I had done since grade school. When I moved to LA and met my first husband, we produced Woman in Red, which was my first film. I really love creating characters and getting the chance to be someone else.

AL: Which do you feel is more demanding modeling or shooting movies?
KL: When you love something it’s not demanding, but I would have to say modeling because it’s really a no brainer. At least when you are acting you are engaged and people want to hear what you have to say. When you’re a model everything is done through your eyes, but I like getting to use the whole package.

AL: How did your role in “Weird Science” come about?
KL: When I was first offered that role I turned it down because I was having way too much fun in the South of France with Sting, and I didn’t want to go back to the U.S., so they had hired someone else. After about three weeks of shooting the girl had to be fired, so they called me up and said we will give you whatever you want, so the next day I was on a plane to Chicago. My first scene was the shower scene, and I was forced to wear the previous actress’s wardrobe. She was a completely different body type than I was so a lot of the outfits had to be modified for them to work. Also they were three weeks in to production and already knew each other, and I am the new person on set. Plus it was only my second movie, so it was very stressful for me.

AL: Were the crew and other actors upset that a lot of their work was going to have to be re-shot due to the change?
KL: I think they were very happy when I showed up because they had shot all this film that was now useless and never going to be seen, so everyone was nervous. When the dailies started to be seen and everyone saw the chemistry the cast had, everyone was really happy. We saved each others asses.

AL: How was it working with John Hughes?
KL: John was the biggest kid. He was so wonderful and great to be a around. I miss him terribly, and I wish we could have done a sequel.

AL: Are there any plans for a 25th anniversary or Blu-ray release of “Weird Science”?
KL: 25 years are you serious? I’m not that old. I haven’t been told yet of any plans.

AL: Do you have any upcoming projects?
KLB: I have a few projects that are in the pilot stages, and I am still deciding if I am going to do those. I also have a couple books coming out, so I am ready to make a comeback!

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