Interview with Sarah Lieving

Combining undeniable beauty with action-star appeal, renowned actress Sarah Lieving has quickly gained notoriety as the “it-girl” of science fiction thrillers. Never one to shy away from a tough role or challenging scene, Sarah never ceases to shock audiences with her many talents. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Sarah to discuss her latest films including the highly anticipated sci-fi adventures “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus” and “Super Shark”.

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Mike Gencarelli: Are you exciting to be starring in the anticipated sequel to “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus”, titled “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus”?
Sarah Lieving: I have worked with The Asylum for years. I used to not really be a big horror fan. With the first film, it got such much attention with Debbie Gibson and all. It was a big YouTube sensation as well. That fact that they though of me for the second one is a big compliment…in a weird kind of way.

MG: Can you tell us about your role in film?
SL: My role was the serious one kind of like Tommy Lee Jones was in “Men in Black”. I got to play the straight one and just enjoy work with Jaleel (White), who played Urkel back in the day, and Gary Stretch. They were animated, excited and goofy. It was a lot of fun.

MG: You are also starring in upcoming “Super Shark”?
SL: It is a weird co-incidence, I did this film in the beginning of the summer.  The director had lost their main actress. I met with the director and jumped on board before I even reach the script. I thought it would just be a fun adventure to go for. I got the script the day before we started shooting. We shot the whole movie in just six days. I have never in my life shot something that quickly. It was a challenge to my skills to say the least.

MG: You are also starring in a new adaptation of “Wizard of Oz”, called “The Witches of Oz”, tell us about that?
SL: I play the Wicked Witch of the East,…the one that gets a house dropped on them. I am the original one with the ruby slippers. This role is more like a starting point. She is going to come out more in the second film. I shot basically most of my stuff in front of a green screen. It is a big fight sequence and I ended losing my voice. We spent days with me screaming. It was a lot of fun. I honestly do not know how much I am going to be in the first one. Lee Scott is writing the character to be more prominent in the second film.

MG: You have work on quite a few films by “The Asylum”, tell us about how that got started?
SL: Coincidence. I had just moved out to Los Angeles and was cast in my first movie. I met an assistant director on it that worked with The Asylum. They brought me in for one role and then from there we built our friendship. The rate that they produce movies is unbelievable, it is almost a film a month.

MG: You are becoming quite the go-to-girl for sci-fi films, can you reflect on that?
SL: Growing up, I wasn’t surrounded by a lot of horror films. They totally affected me. A film like “Jaws”, I still to this day have a hard time swimming in the water. It was just a coincidence for me. But it has really grown on me. The more I do and the more I learn, it is just so great.

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