Interview with Anneliese van der Pol

Anneliese van der Pol is known best for playing Chelsea Daniels on Disney’s “That’s so Raven”. Anneliese also recently was featured in the recent “Twilight” spoof, “Vampires Suck”. Movie Mikes had a chance to talk with Anneliese to discuss her roles and what she has planned for future.

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Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about your recent role in “Vampires Suck”?
Anneliese van der Pol: I play Jennifer, based on the character Jessica in which Anna Kendrick played in “The Twilight Saga”. I would say that I represent every type of bitchy friend in every sort of movie like that. I am the all-around bitchy girl that is jealous of the lead character.

MG: Was it fun working on the film?
AP: It was a blast, everyone was really nice. Everyone was eager to come to work everyday. They was a lot of making fun of “Twilight” and each other. Comedies are best to do. Our director Jason Friedberg was great. He let us improv a lot and spread our wings.

MG: Where you a fan of the “Twilight” series?
AP: No, I was not interestedly enough. I haven’t really ever seen them before I went on my first audition. I originally went in for the role of Becca and they asked me to come back for the role of Jennifer. It all happened within a day or less than a day and I just didn’t have time to see the movies. I based my Anna Kendrick impression off from her performance in “Up in the Air”, but more over-the-top. One night while we were filming, I invited some of my friends and people from the cast and we watched the movies on demand in our hotel room. Not really into the vampire craze, let alone chick-flick led story like that. Not my thing.

MG: What was the best part of playing Chelsea Daniels on “That’s so Raven”
AP: There was a million wonderful things really. I got to meet some really wonderful people and was lucky to work with them everyday. Getting a nice salary. Making people laugh. The best part probably was really her innocence and her positivity. My character so nice and gullible. It was very refreshing to play such an airhead who had such a thirst for life. Sort of like a Phebe character from “Friends”. I think she was a really sweet girl. I really enjoyed playing that character. I got to be a different person.

MG: How did you originally get involved with Disney and the show?
AP: I auditioned for “That’s So Raven” in 1999 or 2000. I didn’t have real good representation at the time. Nobody really knew of me. I just went to a big open casting call with hundreds of girls. Luckily they noticed something in me. I did three more auditions. They dyed my hair. They then ended up casting somebody else, fired her and then they finally cast me.

MG: You played Belle in Broadway in Disney’s “Beauty in the Beast”, tell us about that experience?
AP: I was an amazing experience. I have done theater all of my life but there is just something about Broadway. I was fortunate for my first Broadway debut experience to be a lead and didn’t have to work my way up in a chorus number. Belle was a part I have always wanted to play. The songs are beautiful and they wrote some new ones also. It was just amazing, everyone was so nice. I also loved living in New York.

MG: How long have you been signing?
AP: I think I got an equity card when I was 9 or something. I was probably signing well though since I was 13 or 14. I haven’t been in the recording studio as much as I like. The last time I recorded was for a show I did in New York called “Vanities”. I am really proud of that. It is a beautiful album.

MG: Tell us about the project you are currently working on?
AP: I just a guest spot on a new NBC pilot called “Friends with Benefits”. I am also working on a new independent movie called “Tap Dancing on Jupiter”, which is unlike anything I have ever done before.

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