Interview with Electra Avellan

Electra Avellan is known best for her role of one of the Babysitter Twins in “Grindhouse”. Electra also appears in this year’s “The Black Waters of Echos Pond and “Machete” with her sister Elise Avellan. Movie Mikes had a chance to talk with Electra about her roles and how was is working in Hollywood.

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Mike Gencarelli: Tell us you involved working with Robert Rodriguez?
Electra Avellan: Robert Rodriguez was married to my Aunt Elizabeth and I have always have known him as my Uncle. When I was 16 years old, he thought I was too young for “Sin City” and too old for “Spy Kids”. He told us to work on our English and a few years later when my sister and I were 18, he asked us to come and audition for “Grindhouse”. I auditioned first and the role was originally only for one babysitter. My sister and I started arguing. He wrote down everything that we said and thought it was perfect. He was said he wanted us both in it and wrote the Babysitter Twins based off that.

Mike Gencarelli: You and your sister, Elise Avellan have appeared together in a few movies now together, how do you find it working with your sibling?
Electra Avellan: I love it, it is amazing. I have been working with her for as long as I can remember. My mom is a very well-known actress in Venezuela. She got us in the industry there and that is where we started. When we moved here, we got the opportunity to break into the industry together which was a great opportunity. We are seen as a package deal. Even though my sister is not 100% interested in pursuing the acting career at the moment, she is still open to working with me. She is my best friend.

Mike Gencarelli: We recently interviewed Sean Clark and you worked with him on “The Black Waters of Echos Pond”, can you tell us working on that film?
Electra Avellan: Sean Clark is a good friend of mine, I love him. We met a few years ago right after I finished filming “Grindhouse”. He told me about the convention scene and wanted me to work with him. I went to a couple conventions with him and loved it. He told me he has written a movie and wanted my sister and I to be in it. The movie was so good and the script was phenonomal. Sean is awesome to work with and it was such awesome experience. The director Gabriel Bologna is insanely creative, he has so many great ideas for the film. Sean Clark took all of his ideas and made it into an amazing screenplay and that is what you see in the movie.

MG: Are you a fan of the horror genre?
EA: Yah, tell me about it. I have never liked horror movies. I have though been drawn to “The Exorcist” and the Freddy Kruger movies. I have always liked but never watched all the time. I rather have scary than gorey. “Saw” movies are too much for me. “Hostel” movies are too much for me. I love the horror more now that I am apart of it though. It is not real, but I play with those emotions and I create awareness in different aspects of life. I love it, I just love it.

MG: You recently appeared in “Machete”, how was it working on that film?
EA: Oh my God, it was life changing. It was so incredible and amazing. Working with that cast was so great. Jeff Fahey is a good friend of mine and working again with him was awesome. Danny Trejo has taught me most of the things I know in the American industry. He has taught me so much. Lindsay Lohan is a phenonomal actress, I learned a lot from her. Robert Rodriguez was great, he treated me like a princess. It was a blessing.

MG: What else are you working on?
EA: I have two projects, the first is called “Perfectus” with Danny Trejo, Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig, Dana Rosendorff and my sister and I. It is a sci-fi action thriller, you will love it. The other is called “Ushers” and it was written by Nicholes Cole and Jeff Tuttle. Lindsay Lohan and Edi Gathergi are in it with me and it is a really cool comedy/action movie about these kids in the 90’s that work in a movie theater and who start a gambling ring in the theater. It is so great. I can’t wait for you to see it. You will love it.

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