Interview with Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace is a movie legend.  She has appeared is so many great films such as “Cujo”, “The Howling”, “The Hills Have Eyes” and “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.  She is an author, a teacher, a healer and radio host.  Dee does it all and does it really well.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Dee about her amazing career and how she does everything she does.

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Mike Gencarelli: Have you always been a fan of the horror genre?
Dee Wallace: At the risk of blowing my cover, I am a real fan of doing them. Not so much of watching them. Seriously, since I was little they have scared the shit out of me. As an actress though, you get to go on a great ride and get to play a really great arc.

Mike Gencarelli: After starting your career with intense horror films like “The Howling” and “The Hills Have Eyes”, how was it taking an extreme 360 to “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”?
Dee Wallace: Acting is acting, dude. You want to get a good part and hopefully a good project with good people and good director. I have been been really lucky and able to create that in my career. Who would not want to say that they worked starred in “E.T”? You would have to be nuts! It is really the two sides of who I am. Most of my fans know I am deep into the healing work. I have my own radio show on Voice America. I have my third book on healing coming out in April. “E.T” was a healing movie, it was a heart movie. It was all about getting about getting home and love. Then their is the other part of Dee, which is horror, screaming, sci-fi conventions and raunchiness. It is all part of who I am, depending on what I am called to do in the moment.

Mike Gencarelli: Then you went right back to horror with “Cujo” which was such an intense role, was it a difficult film to work on?
Dee Wallace: It was the most difficult film I have ever done. They actually treated me for exhaustion after that film. It was relentless. We shot it Northern California. It looks like we were dying of the heat but we were freezing. They actually had to put heater in the car. I was working with a four year old kid and a dog. I got to be “on” every single moment and every single take. It was a highly emotional role. It was just really physical and emotional difficult but it is the thing I am the most proud of.

MG: You always seem to put in 110% into each project, how do you prepare for each role?
DW: I studied with my mentor Charles Conrad. His technique is very specified and actually a lot more people like are starting to work with it now. It gets your energy very high.  So high in fact, that it actually passes your conscience mind. What it does is that it opens you up as a channel, so you can channel the character or channel information. The best way to enchance that is not to work on a part. The technique is very specific but part of the challenge is you want to play it safe, do a lot of work and make a lot of choices. But if you do it limits a lot of the possibilities where you can emotionally go. A lot of people go “Well, how hell can you be a real actor if you do not prepare?”. It is a different technique that makes acting joyful, easy, simple and trusting in the moment. But you have to be really disipline to stay out of your fear and allow yourself to go on that ride.

MG: You act, you teach acting, your always out meeting fans at conventions, tell us how do you find time to do everything?
DW: I do not know dude, seriously. I wonder myself. I really do attribute it to the healing work that I do.  I have cleared out so much stress in my life. I have more energy now than I did ten years ago, lots more. Today I taught acting for five hours, I had a business meeting, then I rushed home and we are talking now. Every day is really different and I am just tap dancing around a lot of really great things, that I love. When you love things it is not work, it feeds your energy.

MG: Tell us about some of your upcoming projects you are working on?
DW: If there is such a thing as a poetic zombie film, this is it. It is called “Exit Humanity”, I am shooting in October. I am also doing a little family film that I am also shooting in October as well. I will be at several of the sci-fi conventions coming up. My next is Rock and Shock in mid-October with my dude Rob Zombie. I am also working on my third book which like I said will be out in April, called “Bright Light: Spritual Lessons From An Actor’s Journey”, which is awesome she says humblely. This is all just from the month of October. All this stuff is up at my website

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