Interview with Billy Burke

Billy Burke is well known for playing Charlie Swan in “The Twilight Saga”. In the recent “Eclipse”, Billy really steals the show in the film. Billy also recently released an album which can be purchased on iTunes called, ‘Removed’. Movie Mikes had a chance to talk with Billy to discuss this phenomenon known as “Twilight”.

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Mike Gencarelli: How do you feel to be a part of this huge “Twilight Saga”?
Billy Burke: It is pretty nice. After hanging around in this business for as long as I have, which is somewhere between 15-17 years now, it is nice being a part of something that people are really loving.

Mike Gencarelli: You must be overwhelmed at the fans devotion to the films?
Billy Burke: Overwhelmed, really isn’t the word now. I guess what it is now is warm. These fans of the books and these movies are so warm and ecstatic about everything “Twilight”. For me it has been a great gig.

Mike Gencarelli: Were you familiar with the books before working on the first film?
Billy Burke: No, I wasn’t. When I met Catherine Hardwicke, the first director, we had a meeting and she told me to go home and google “Twilight”. I did and obviously millions of things came up. At that point, I sort of had an idea that the movie we were making will have some sort of an audience. Nobody could imagine what it has become.

MG: Have you since read the book series?
BB: Nope and I make no secret of it. I have not cracked one of them. I work off a script.

MG: Your character steals the show in “Eclipse”, How do you feel about how your character Charlie Swan, has developed through the movies?
BB: Charlie and the other kids at school are the only other connection to reality. It is nice to have that departure in a film like this. I love the relationship between Charlie and his daughter. It just gets richer and sweeter as time goes on. It started off with them not communicating with each other since they didn’t know how to. They since have grown into a pretty cool and trusting relationship now.

MG: What is it like working with the different directors through all three films?
BB: Catherine created a great world. I think she did a phenomenal job really painting the original picture. Everybody else who has come along has really had their own flavor and different take on it. They all had their own one-two punches. I think they all have done a great job. David Slade has really amped it up quite a bit with “Eclipse”. It is a pretty entertaining movie.

MG: Are you excited to be gearing up for “Breaking Dawn”?
BB: Well dude, as you know I haven’t read the books. So I have no idea what happens [laughs]. I haven’t read a script yet either so I am looking forward to it. I hear that Charlie starts to get a clue in the next book so that will be interesting.

MG: Besides “Twilight” what other projects are you working on?
BB: I just finished a movie with Nicholas Cage called “Drive Angry 3D”. That film will be out next February. I am working on a television show right now called “Rizzoli & Isles” on TNT with Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. That shows airs this summer on July 12th. Most of the time when I can I am devoted to my music. I just released an album last week called ‘Removed’. You can get a free single download at and you can buy the record on iTunes. It is selling like hotcakes. It has gotten a really overwhelming positive response and I am really pleased about it. Of course all the proceeds go to VH1 Save the Music which we are very proud of.

Click here to purchase Billy Burke’s CD
Click here to purchase “Twilight” movies & merchandise

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