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Luke Goss is known for his role in “Hellboy II” and “Blade II”. He has two big action films being released this year, “Death Face: Frankenstein Lives” and “Tekken”. Movie Mikes had the chance to talk to Luke to discuss his amazing career and his busy future.

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Mike Gencarelli: How was it playing the villain, Prince Nuada in “Hellboy II”?
Luke Goss: I loved playing that character. I mean Guillermo (Del Toro) kind of handed that to me on a plate. I worked hard trying to make sure he was the villain. I wanted to make sure he was an element of the movie and somewhat thought provoking if I possibly could. It was a lot of work that included five to seven hours per day of getting ready to look like him and officially become that guy. The makeup was extensive, but only on my face and very thin. The painting was so delicate. The makeup guy couldn’t speed it up it was so intricate. Then there was forty minutes a day getting the costume on because there was more than one and since it was all authentic and leather work. It was a long process everyday for six months. I worked on the film actually nine months because I was training for many weeks. It was a real slice of my life to make that guy come to life for sure.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you enjoy playing the villain in “Blade II”? How was it working under that makeup?
Luke Goss: Yeah, Nomak, that guy was just a journey. On the page there is hardly anything there, but his presence in the film is massive. I wanted to create a man or mutant that was not just a bad guy but hugely funded by the pain and embarrassment from his father. Those kind of conversations were the reason Guillermo and I got along, that was our first meeting and working together. The makeup was more exhausting even though it was quick running about four and half hours. It was much thicker and heavier. Trying to give Nomak life through the makeup was a challenge. It was also my first role in prosthetics. Out of my twenty nine movies, I have only done three like that. It was hours in front of the mirror working out the psychics of how it works so when you make an emotion how much you should add or shouldn’t. It was a real learning curve for me as an actor. It was a baptism by fire. Jumping straight into the deep end and that character in the movie was very important.

Mike Gencarelli: How has it been working with Guillermo Del Toro on two projects?
Luke Goss: Working with Del Toro on “Hellboy” was like working with a friend. One reason why is that he gave me that role and the second reason is we had a chance to become friends along the way. I still regard him as a dear friend. I am in awe of his talent and his knowledge of film, his knowledge of life, how well read he is, what a big kid he is, and top of it all is that he is just a bloody great guy.

MG: How was it changing a comedic role in “The Man”? Was it fun working with Samuel L. Jackson?
LG: I am surprised firstly at how many people have seen that movie and secondly how many people actually dig the movie. I do not think anyone thinks it is amazing but a lot of people enjoyed it. I think Sam is a really cool guy. My experience with Sam Jackson is exactly the one you would want to have. He was just cool and he knows that he is Samuel “Bloody” Jackson. I remember doing this scene when we are kind of gun to gun and I had one of these moments when I was looking down the barrel and I was like “You are Samuel Jackson, aren’t you?” [laughs]. I couldn’t bloody believe I was starring down the barrel doing a scene with Sam Jackson, who was doing that stare of his. He was just a gentleman to me and really cool. He was always very supportive everyday we worked together.

MG: You star in the SyFy movie “Witchville” which premiered this month, tell us about that movie?
LG: It is about a guy named King Malachy. His father is dying and he sends one of his main generals to get me. He really didn’t have anything to do with me. I ride back to the castle anyway and he has passed away. I have to pick up the pieces, he has abused the kingdom massively. It turns out that it was actually caused by witches and spells which had tore the kingdom apart. There is a character called The Red Queen who basically wants the kingdom for herself and I am really not into that idea and I go up against them and try and save the day.

MG: Tell me about your role as Steve Fox in “Tekken”?
LG: I play Steve Fox in the mid-30’s of his life, where he was after he was the champion. In the Tekken story, there is the a place called the Anvil which is the under belly where the underground fighting goes on and all the people aspire to get into the Tekken tournament. There is one open slot per tournament that would allow an un-sponsored fighter to get into the ring. My character was asked to throw a fight and he had no interest in doing that. He runs these fights in the area called the Anvil trying to find the fighter who is able to go kick some Tekken-ass. He finds a fighter named Jin and I mentor him and get him to the tournament. I think people are going to dig it quite a bit more than the way they did “Street Fighter”. I didn’t see a great deal of connection to the game. We have definitely tried to create a movie that is associated with the game. It is not emulated, you cannot watch a movie entirely about a fight it doesn’t work. There is a lot of fighting. The fight I have is towards the end of the movie and takes place outside of the ring, I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to blow it for anyone.

MG: Tell me about the upcoming “Death Race: Frankenstein Lives”?
LG: I am playing the main character. It is the evolution of that great character, Frankenstein. It is the prequel to the last movie. It is directed by Roel Reiné. I saw some footage and I was literally blown away! I couldn’t believe how cool it looked. All of the original cars from the first movie were flown over to Africa. It basically has myself, Sean Bean, Danny Trejo and Ving Rames, it is a good cast. It has five cameras going at once, shooting amazing action packed. Again it has a lot more story than the first one. I think people are going to be really pleasantly surprised of how cool this movie is.

MG: I was told you are currently shooting a movie. can you talk about it?
LG: Yes of course, I actually haven’t spoke about it yet this would be the first time. I am doing a movie with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Val Kilmer called “Blood Out”. Val plays the nemesis in the movie and Curtis plays a great character as a sort-of bad cop. It is the story of my brother and I play a cop and the good guy which I actually do enjoy playing as long as it is not all squeaky. Basically it is the story of a young kid who gets killed by a gang in a situation I can’t say. My character, through lots of twists and turns, goes undercover and joins that world. I have to try and find out who was responsible. It is very much a drama as well as an action thriller. I have to kick some serious ass in the film but it is 100% driven by story. It is really a great film. Andy Cheng (who works with Jackie Chan) worked with us on stunt choreography for my character. We had a really good team and it is directed by Jason Hewitt. I am really proud of it. It looks really good from the footage I’ve seen. It is dark and cool and gritty and almost documentarian at times. If you know the opening scene from “Narc” it is related at times. We did a lot of elaborate stunts and one-takes.

MG: What else do you have planned for the future?
LG: I have a production company called G Productions. I am producing a movie called the “Chennai Heist’. It is basically a buddy/heist movie. It is really cool. I’ve got three movies I am producing; two of which I have also written. Another one I am doing, we just got an offer out to Gary Oldman to do a movie called “Eyes of the King”, which I am personally producing at G Productions and Universal Studios. It is an unbelievable Tarantino-esque movie.

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