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Doug Jones is one of the busiest actor’s in Hollywood. He has played so many amazing characters just over the last few years such as Abe Sabien in “Hellboy” series, Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four 2”, Fauno/Pale Guy in “Pan Labyrinth”. Movie Mikes was able to ask Doug a few questions, thanks to Derek Maki at Coolwaters Productions for setting that up.

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Mike Gencarelli: Your characters are usually covered in makeup or costume, i.e. Abe Sapien in the “Hellboy” series or as Fauno/Pale Man in “Pan’s Labryinth”, what is the most challenging part of that?
Doug Jones: Exactly what you might think it would be …. Extra heat, weight, and a long time in the make-up application every day, making my days very long and something special to endure as an athlete as well as an actor. But the happy side of all this is that I have worked with the most brilliant and talented make-up artists in the world, and I’ve been able to play such beautiful characters from other worlds that I could never portray with my own face.

Mike Gencarelli: Throughout all the characters you have played, which one is your favorite?
Doug Jones: I love all my characters, as I get to know them very well before the camera rolls. Pan, the Faun from “Pan’s Labyrinth” is right up there at the top, along with the stoic and powerful Silver Surfer, but I’d have to say my very favorite character thus far is Abe Sapien from the “Hellboy” movies. I love him with all of his intellect, his innocent charm, his clairvoyant power, and his fantasy fish-man hybrid beauty.

Mike Gencarelli: You’ve done a bit of television work and scored an Emmy nomination for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, how do you feel TV differs from movies? Which do you enjoy more?
Doug Jones: Both are fun and challenging in their own ways, but I think I prefer feature films, simply because they usually have more time and money than the shorter production schedules of a TV episode. This gives the director and actors a little more freedom to create, even though Joss Whedon pulled off an enormous creative feat with that ‘Hush’ episode of “Buffy.”

MG: When playing all these great characters, do you ever find yourself improving your role, or do you just go with the flow?
DJ: It is any actor’s job to search out every possibility in playing a character. Just coasting with the flow would do your character a mis-service. So yes, especially if something doesn’t feel quite right, I find myself often wanting one more take when filming, just to uncover what’s been missing. A good director always helps us find these moments, too, and I have been so blessed to work with some of the top directors in the movie business.

MG: Tell me a little about your upcoming French film, “Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)”, What type of character do you play?
DJ: I play a fantasy character in this real-life biography of famous French singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. I am his alter-ego named ‘La Gueule’ (Ugly Face) that only Serge can see and talk to in the film. Calling him an alter ego or thinking about him and the real Serge as sort of a “Jeckle & Hyde” team were ways to get me close to the right space. But the best motivation for me was to think of ‘La Gueule’ as an extension of Gainsbourg’s personality. That other personality we are all capable of having that carries us to our extremes. ‘La Gueule’ was the extreme creativity of Gainsbourg, the extreme business smarts, the extreme anger, the extreme playful boy within. I had the privilege of playing all the facets of Gainsbourg that made him famous and beloved by millions, yet also corrupted his morals. I was his artistic muse, yet at the same time, I was everything he hated about himself. The same love / hate relationship I have with myself in real life.

MG: As an actor, when did you say to yourself “Wow I think I hit it big”?
DJ: Thank you so much for thinking I would have a reason to say that to myself, but those are words I have never spoken. Sometimes I still feel like an insecure little boy from Indiana who just wants people to like him. Disappearing into all my characters is such an escape from those insecurities. I have so much to learn and more years of filmmaking in me, so I never want to feel like I’ve hit it big until I’m retired or dead. Then I will have a chance to look back and thank God for blessing me with a very interesting career that many dream of …. including me.

MG: What would be your dream project to work on or make?
DJ: I have already done many dream jobs, so I wouldn’t feel at all cheated out of my dream job if it all ended today. However, I would jump at the chance to play a benevolent white-winged angel …. who sings …. how’s that for specific!?

MG: These might be rumors but I read that you might be involved with a few high profile movies over the next few years: “The Dark Knight” sequel as Riddler, “The Hobbit Pt.1 & 2”, “Silver Surfer” spinoff and “Frankenstein” remake. Any of these true?
DJ: The Riddler was purely rumor on my IMDB page that has since been taken down, but if and when they do get to casting for this movie, and if the Riddler is indeed in it, I wouldn’t hate the idea of playing him. As for “The Hobbit” movies, no actors have been contracted yet, as Peter Jackson said in a recent interview. I have been rumored for two years now, and no one has ever denied these rumors, nor has anyone confirmed them. So we wait patiently together on this one. A “Silver Surfer” movie has been talked about, but enough time has passed that I’m not holding my breath on this one, even though my option for two more movies as the Silver Surfer still has another year and a half. Another call I wouldn’t hate to get. And lastly …. Guillermo del Toro’s “Frankenstein.” This film would fit into that “dream role” category, especially with Guillermo writing and directing. He has told the press in other interviews that this would not be a remake, but his own adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel, with the illustrated version’s artwork by Bernie Wrightson inspiring his desire to have me play the monster. Of course Guillermo is tied up with the “Hobbit” films for the next few years, so “Frankenstein” will be waiting for at least five years. Let’s hope this comes true!

Thanks again to Coolwaters Productions for setting up this interview, check them out they have one of the best client lists around.

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  1. Love Doug Jones, one of the most talented and beautiful people on earth, he’s so down to earth and absolutely adorable.

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