Interview with Christa Campbell

Christa Campbell started her career in horror films. She had roles in films including “2001 Maniacs”, “Wicker Man” and “Day of the Dead” remake. MovieMikes had the opportunity to ask Christa Campbell about her impressive career and whats in the future.

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Mike Gencarelli: How does it feel to be reprising your role on the sequel to “2001 Maniacs”?
Christa Campbell: It feels great! finally the Maniacs come to life again, in a bigger and better way!

Mike Gencarelli: How was it working with Tim Sullivan and the cast again of “2001 Maniacs”, What was your favorite moment on the set?
Christa Campbell: Tim is amazing,since the first film we have become very close, he is just so great to work with, i had the best time ever filming the sequel, but possible the flashdance scene was the most fun.

Mike Gencarelli: You just remake the classic “Rin Tin Tin”, in a film called “Cool Dog”, tell us how was it working on your first family film?
Christa Campbell: It was nice considering I’ve done all these crazy movies,then to change it up and do a family film, it just blew me away how good the kids were, they were great actors! the movie is adorable, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

MG: You started in horror movies, but you are branching out doing dramas, thrillers and comedies? How does it compare?
CC: I’m an actor, I’m trained to do it all. Definitely I’ve bonded with a lot of the horror fans. I enjoy making those films the most. I like to fight or kick ass to do something crazy, whether its an action film or horror its all the same, it’s more about the role.

MG: Did you feel any pressure in starring in the remake of the classic film ” Day of the Dead”?
CC: No, I always knew we were making an original film with the same name. We were never copying the original. We had Steve Miner Directing, so we just followed his lead.

MG: How do you typically prepare for your characters you play?
CC: After I read the script, I usually have some ideas in my head. Once you get on set and see the environment, you can expand there and you discover a lot in rehearsal.

MG: If you had any means what would be your dream project to make?
CC: Yep, a bad-ass big budget action film

MG: What is your favorite film that you have made? Least favorite?
CC: If I answered this question, I would get a lot of pissed off people calling me. Trust me if have a “worst” favorite it is hard, cause they are all my favorite for different reasons

MG: You are co-starring alongside Nicholas Cage for the second time in the upcoming “Drive Angry”, first time being 2006’s “The Wicker Man”, How is it working with Nic Cage again?
CC: He is amazing. He’s a generous person, a great actor and its very cool.

MG: What is in store for your future? Any other exciting roles?
CC: We will have to wait and see!

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