Interview with Steve Niles

Interview with Steve Niles

Steve Niles is a the man behind the comic book/graphic novel series “30 Days of Night” and “Criminal Macabre”. Steve is a huge horror fan and has recently worked with genre greats like John Carpenter and Lance Henriksen. He is also creating a new series called ““Frankenstein Alive, Alive”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat about his comic work and his love for horror.

Mike Gencarelli: Out of the two “30 Days of Nights” movies do you feel one is closer to the graphic novel?
Steve Niles: For me it’s not even a question of which one was closer to the graphic novel. It was really about whether or not if the film was going to be a good vampire/horror movie. David Slade in the first film delivered exactly what I wanted. Even with the differences from the novel the film really achieved being just a good scary movie. I owe all that to David Slade and Sam Raimi.

MG: Do you have plans to do any more cross over projects?
SN: We were originally offered the characters from “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm St.” I loved all those characters but I couldn’t see how we could marry those characters into the world of “30 Days of Night”. When the idea of “X-Files” was brought up it was kind of perfect. It sort of effortlessly all went together. By the end I was really enjoying writing Mulder and Scully. I don’t know if they want to do anymore in the future but if they are I am definitely interested.

MG: Have you ever thought about doing a crossover with one of your other properties?
 SN: I try not to get too caught up with all the cross over stuff but, there is always the possibility. I just did one with “Criminal Macabre” for Dark Horse which was really fun.

MG: What can you tell us about “Remains” being made into a film?
SN: I am a producer on that. It’s kind of an experiment in a way as we really have no budget. I know there is a way to do TV movies that can be really entertaining and, I think we have a way to do it. Chiller has been amazing. I am waiting right now to see an edit. The whole thing from deal to screen was done in under a year. Everyone is really enthusiastic and doing what they can to get this out.

MG: Do you have any status on “Wake to Dead”?
SN: Jay Russell and I have the screen play. We are trying to find a reliable production company to get the movie made. The biggest problem in Hollywood is getting something made.

MG: Do you think we will ever see a “Criminal Macabre” film adaptation?
SN: It all comes down to a studio decision. I can put in my votes and I think there are a lot of people out there that could play Cal McDonald. You can never predict with studios. We still don’t have a screen play. Money keeps getting thrown out the window and I have yet to be given the chance to try writing one. It’s kind of sad. Until something happens nothing is happening.

MG: How did you come to work with Lance Henriksen?
SN: It was a strange series of coincidences. I had done a small guest spot on a friend’s TV show and he told me that he was friends with Lance. He told me that Lance had written a book and was looking for a publisher. Before I knew it I was publishing Lance’s biography. It’s a great book about working in Hollywood. I am really appreciative that I was given the chance to something like this.

MG: How was it working with John Carpenter?
SN: That was really great. I had met Jon on another project. He and I hit it off really well. I was offered the chance to do a video game and asked if I could bring along a friend. I knew Jon knows and plays a lot of video games. They said yes and I had a lot of fun. The game seems to be a pretty good representation of the story. It was a total nerd moment!

MG: What are you currently reading and do you have any favorite artists?
SN: I don’t get to read a lot of current comics. What I am reading right now is a bunch of pros. I am also reading a really cool book about Frankenstein. I am reading everything I can about Frankenstein right now. Artist wise I am working with my favorite artist. I am doing a “30 Days of Nights” series with Sam Keith, I am working with Bernie Wrightson and Chris Mitton. I am really lucky guy. There are bunch of other guys out there that I would love to work with but they are contracted to Marvel and DC. Someday I will get them.

MG: What can you tell us about “Frankenstein Alive, Alive”?
SN: I am currently putting the first episode together. It picks up right where Mary Shelley’s novel leaves off. It is 13 issues of the creature on his own going through history trying to understand who he is. This is a childhood dream come true.

MG: Can you give us any information on your upcoming series “Transfusion”?
SN: I can tell you that it started as a joke. I had thrown out the idea of doing robots vs. vampires and I ended up really thinking about it. The idea came for this post-apocalyptic story where these robots were made to run on blood. I just wrote the first issue and I am working with an amazing artist named Menton. He and I are just blasting away on this project. It was an unexpected thing and it is really only about a month in the works. I am having a lot of fun doing it.

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