“George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories- Volume 2” DVD Giveaway [ENDED]


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Millennium Entertainment proudly announces the DVD release of “George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories- Volume 2”. The second volume of this two-volume set from horror master Romero consists of an anthology of three 30-minute nail-biting horror films from writer Jeff Monahan (Lone Star), who also directs alongside Michael Fischa, Matt Walsh and Marty Schiff.

George A. Romero, writer-director of the famed NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, has created this horror anthology containing the following three short horror films:

· THE GORGE: Three best friends go hiking on a fun morning expedition when a sudden avalanche leaves them trapped in a cave with no way out. Now imprisoned in a living nightmare, how long can the three survive before they begin to turn on each other?

· ON SABBATH HILL: A chilling tale about a handsome playboy professor who is a stickler for student attendance. When his wandering affections cause a female admirer to commit suicide, his stern attendance rules come back to haunt him. Literally.

· DUST: When a scientist at a high-tech space lab discovers dust from the planet Mars might have the ability to cure cancer, a security guard steals a sample for his terminally ill wife. What at first appears to be a miracle cure turns into an unimaginable horror.

DVD Review “George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories- Volume 2”

Directors: Jeff Monahan, Matt Walsh
Starring: George A. Romero
Studio: Millennium Entertainment
MPAA Rated: R
Run Time: 101 minutes

Our Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

If you read my review for Volume 1 of this release then you would know that 2.5/5 is a RAVING review compared. I still am confused as to why George A. Romero decided to put his name on these films since they are not B movies and are lower than even Syfy originals (which I LOVE BTW). The acting and production value are so weak overall. Luckily the first two films in this series are good and really gory. The last one is lame but watchable.

The first film is called “THE GORGE”. It is about three best friends that go hiking but an avalanche trapped in a cave and resort to cannibalism. The second is called “ON SABBATH HILL” about a professor relationship with his student causes her to commit suicide, but still comes to class to haunt him. The last one is my least favorite “DUST” about a scientist that discovers dust from Mars that the ability to cure cancer but a security guard steals it for terminally ill wife and of course things go array.

Luckily this collection of horror films does not skimp on the gore. It is actually pretty intense especially in the first film. Since this is a zero budget project even though it shows it this is a major improvement from Volume 1’s films which I could barely even finish. Overall worth a watch but definitely not “Tales from the Crypt” quality.