Serious Car Accidents that Occurred in Movie Sets

Watching a car accident scene in a well-produced movie can be nerve-wracking. The only consolation is the knowledge that it is all scripted and that nobody dies for real. However, it may shock you to find out that quite a handful of people died in real life while producing some of your favorite movies and series. Car accidents on the movie set are not an uncommon occurrence. 

From the cast and their stunt doubles to the crew members, on set accidents spare no one. Some of them have been fatal, while others are just minor and nothing to write about. Here are some of the serious car accidents that occurred in movie sets.

Car Accidents that Occurred on Movie Sets

Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

If you loved the Maze Runner: The Death Cure, chances are, you probably liked Dylan O’Brien, who played Thomas in the movie. Despite his intriguing lead performance, The Death Cure almost killed him in a stunt gone wrong. He had to move from one car top to another in that stunt while both cars were still in motion.  

The stunt did not go quite as planned and ended with the actor being dragged under the vehicle on which he was strapped. The accident left him with fractured cheekbones, a concussion, and lacerations. He also sustained injuries on his orbital sockets. Although his injuries were serious, he was able to recover fully and get back to his acting career.

The Hangover Part II

When considering the risky movies, the last to feature on your list would be a comedy show. In most cases, you would not even consider them dangerous. However, The Hangover Part II was nowhere close to your regular comedy show. 

It required a lot of stunt work that led to Scott McLean’s engagement, who played as Ed Helm’s double. In a scene where he had to stick out his head in a moving taxi, McLean hit his head on an oncoming vehicle.

The incident had him nursing a huge gash on his head and tore off the flesh from his skull. He was compensated for his injuries since the taxi was moving faster than it was supposed to at the time of the accident.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

In a stunt that required her to drive opposite moving vehicles, Gabriello Cedillo got into a life-changing accident that left her permanently disabled. The then 24-year-old woman was driving in her car when another car’s toe cable snapped, whipped through the air, and plunged into her windshield. 

The cable struck her head, causing severe injuries. The injuries were so severe; it was a shock that she survived the incident. Although she was paid $18 million as compensation, her life is now one of high dependency.

4. Resident Evil: Final Chapter (2019)

You have probably heard of the fatal motorcycle accident that Olivia Jackson (Milla Jovovich’s stunt double) got into while doing a stunt on set. You might not know that that was not the only accident that occurred in the Resident Evil production set.

Ricardo Cornelius, a member of the Resident Evil crew, was killed when a car slid off a rotating platform. The unsecured car crashed into him, and although he was rushed to the hospital, the crew member was pronounced dead.  

What’s Next After an Accident?

Whether you are an aspiring actor, crew member or are planning to play the role of an extra in movie production, you should remember that even movies have real threats and danger. As such, you should be extra careful. In the event of a car accident on set, you can consult a car accident lawyer in Toronto. With their guidance and help, you will be fully compensated.