Danny Masterson talks about new film “Alter Egos” and Season 2 of “Men at Work”

Danny Masterson is known best for his role in TV series “That 70’s Show” and the new TBS hit series “Men at Work”.  He is also co-starring in the indie superhero film called “Alter Egos”, which is available now on VOD. Danny took out some time to chat with Media Mikes about his new film “Alter Egos” and what we can expect for season 2 of “Men at Work”.

Mike Gencarelli: With all the superhero craze this year (thanks to “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises”), how does “Alter Egos” fit in?
DM: I feel like our movie is a lot bigger than those films – no I’m kidding. This is a dark indie comedy. It was a ton of fun to shoot. It is a weird quirky story. It was shot for no money in the Hamptons, New York. Kris Lemche and Joey Kern are two of my really good friends. They are also two of my favorite actors that haven’t broke out yet. Jordan Galland had written and directed a great movie called “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead” that my wife (Bijou Phillips) was in. I fucking love that movie. He asked me to come out for a couple of days and play this asshole cop and I was down for that. Plus I had never met Brooke (Nevin) before and she was really sweet and a great actor. So that was how it came about.

MG: Tell us about your character and his ability in the film?
DM: Jimmy was written to be an angry, kind of generic cop. He is super fucking bitter because he can only turn invisible…for 2.3 seconds. It is like everyone knows that he is impotent. He hates the superheroes and just tries to fuck with them.

MG: How was it taking on that different role for you, playing the asshole?
DM: It is fun. Basically when I started working as a little kid in NY. Then I moved out to LA and started doing all the boyfriend roles in projects like “Beethoven’s 2nd” and “Cybill”. Then when I was 18, I grew my hair out, got a goatee and I just started playing the bad guy in everything. I was a street punk in “NYPD Blue” and the bad kid in and out of foster homes in “American Gothic”. So I did all of these really fun roles to show that I could play those characters. Now that I am in my 30’s, for these indie movies, I can play the bad guy or I can play the funny guy. For me it doesn’t matter. It is it all work and I enjoy comedy and drama the same. It is just a lot of fun.

MG: What can we expect from season two of TBS’ “Men at Work”? Guest stars?
DM: We just finished season two about a month ago. I just got to see a few of the finished scenes and it looks really funny. It will start airing in April 2013. It was just so much fun. The guest stars are literally insane throughout every episode. We got Seth Green, Kevin Pollock and many others. I don’t want to give it away but it is going to be awesome.

MG: Tell us about working with the show’s creator Breckin Meyer?
DM: He wrote seven out of ten episodes this season. We have a full writing staff and he still writes more than half the episodes. On “That 70’s Show”, even the creators only wrote two episodes a year. This show is literally Breckin non-stop. What is crazy is the show did so well in its first season that TBS ordered a second season and only gave us five weeks off. For actors it was perfect but for the writers it usually takes two months just to gets some scripts together. We literally had no stories when we finished season one. So they had to dive right in and start coming up with some new character arcs etc.

MG: What do you think is the reason why this show works so well?
DM: Why do you think it works so well Mike?
MG: I think it is cast. That is the first thing that James Lesure asked me as well and I told him that it was the collaboration of the guys together.
DM: We all do a good job of busting each other’s balls. We also really like each other as friends. I have known James Lesure for ten years. I hadn’t met Adam Busch before the show but we had a ton of the same friends. I also didn’t know Michael Cassidy but he is just a really great dude and also a really good golfer. Him and James play tennis twice a week. Adam and I go see rock concerts all the time. The four of us even get together and hang on Friday nights. So we just have a lot of fun hanging out. Meredith (Hagner) is also a lot of fun, who plays Amy. She is a sweetheart. It is like a big fucking family.

MG: When do you star production on “Killing Winston Jones” with Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover and Jon Heder?
DM: I am in Park City, Utah right now for Thanksgiving. I fly to Savannah to shooting Monday morning (November 26th). I haven’t met haven’t met Richard or Danny yet. I have met Jon before since he came to a taping of “That 70’s Show” back in the day. I am really excited. It is a hell of cast and a great story. We will have to chat again when it comes out!