Interview with Dave Foley

Dave Foley is known best for his TV work in “The Kids in the Hall” and “NewsRadio”. He is currently co-starring with Kevin Dillon and David Hornsby in CBS’s new comedy “How to Be a Gentleman”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Dave about his new show, his work with “The Kids in the Hall” and what he has planned upcoming.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about your role of Jerry in “How to Be a Gentleman”?
Dave Foley: The show is created by David Hornsby.  He was the writer, producer and performer in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. He writes a column for men in a Maxim style magazine and I play Jerry his editor.  Jerry is a man around 50, who is scared of losing his job and trying to stay relevant to his 25 year old boss.

MG: You are no stranger to comedy, how do you feel this show differs from your other comedy work?
DF: It’s actually has more similarities to shows like “NewsRadio” or “Kids in the Hall”.  It is a really strong ensemble of great performers.  Everyone in the cast is really funny. Behind that just like “NewsRadio”, it has a great writing staff.  To me I have been very fortunate to be able to continue working with great actors and writers.

MG: Switching to sci-fi, tell us about your work on the season finale of “Eureka”, any plans to come back?
DF: I was hoping to come back but they just announced they have already shot the rest of the episodes for their final season.  I was a big fan of that show and was good friends with Matthew Hastings, one of the producers and directors on the show.  I kept bugging him to get me a part in the show. I really wanted to be on it because I was such a fan.  So about a year later, we finally made it happen…he had a script and I wasn’t busy.  It was really fun.

MG: What are your feeling about Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson going on tour this year?
DF: It’s a great show and I actually opened for them when they did the show in L.A. They are both doing stand up but then they come together throughout the show and do bits.  It goes back and forth. It is hilarious.

MG: Do you ever see yourself working again under “The Kids in the Hall”?
DF: Yeah I would love to.  We were trying to get a tour together for this Fall as well, but now I got this job with “How To Be a Gentleman”.  But we want to keep touring with each other for as many years as we can and also more smaller “Kids” projects down the road.  We definitely want to keep “The Kids in the Hall” part of our creative lives.

MG: I really enjoyed the mini-series feel for “Death Comes to Town”.
DF: It started out we were trying to come up with movie ideas. So this idea came up and Kevin (McDonald) and Bruce (McCulloch) were developing it. They came back and said it would work better as a mini-series.  We had no plans of ever doing television together again, since we already did a pretty good sketch show.  So we figured a mini-series with a narrative was the way to go and thought it would be fun.

MG: How do you compare doing voice work to live action work, do you prefer one over another?
DF: There are different challenges.  Working with voice work it is all in your head and your relying very heavily on your director in order to know what the other actors have done, what the story is and the what are the visuals.  They paint the scene in your head for you and then you have to act the best you can and make it seem real.  In my case, make it funny.  Unlike when you are on a movie set, you have props, other actors and sets.  So it can be very different.

MG: Tell us what you like most about working on “Dan Vs.” and what can we expect from season two this October?
DF: It is really fun.  A lot of the time I get to be in the studio with Curtis Armstrong and Paget Brewster.  The three of us get to work together and that doesn’t usually happen with animation.  I think as the show goes along Dan becomes increasingly sociopathic and dangerous [laughs].  I think some of the scripts are getting a little weirder and absurd as we go along, but it is keeping to the same tone.  I enjoy it quite a bit.

MG: Any plans upcoming for another “Prep and Landing” special?
DF: Yes in fact, there is going to be a new “Prep and Landing” special this Christmas. Rob Riggle is going to do a voice on it also.  It is a new story and it is going to be on this Christmas, so it is really exciting.

MG: You have been involved with Pixar before with “A Bug’s Life”, any truth to your involvement with “Monsters University”?
DF: Yes I am doing once of the voice, that is correct.  I have already been up to San Francisco to record, so I am very excited for that.

GWAR’s Dave Brockie aka “Oderus Urungus” Talks “Blood Vomits”

Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus has a role in the upcoming funded puppet adventure “Blood Vomits” caught up with Dave to talk about the project as well as some of the other things he has been working on lately.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your role in the “Blood Vomits” project?
Dave Brockie: I didn’t really do a whole lot. I offered some moral support as well as doing the voice of Mad Dog who is one of the lead characters. Pretty much Davis Bradley and Michael Derks were responsible for getting all of the elements of the story together. I just came in and did my voice. For once I wasn’t running the show. I really enjoyed the hell out of coming in and just being a supporting player! There just is so much talent in the Gwar camp that it was nice to sit back for a change. I have been doing a lot of the publicity and informing the fans about the project which has been great.

AL: Had you heard of prior to this project?
DB: No I hadn’t. Mike brought that idea to everyone and it’s really an amazing thing. We were very surprised with how well we did. Originally the guys were going to only ask for $2,500. I told them to just go for it and ask for $5,000 and we ended up with $7,000 so we were really happy with it. I’m sure we will be using it again in the future as it’s a really awesome tool for artists.

AL: Can you tell us about your book that was released recently titled “Whargoul”?
DB: “Whargoul” came out on Dead Eye press which is a division of Eraser Head press. I had written the book about 10 years ago and had it up on my website for quite awhile. This company got in touch with me and was interested in putting out the story in a real book form. I said “Hell Yeah” they set everything up and it has been doing pretty good. It’s also available in a Kindle version as well. They have asked me to write a sequel but I don’t know if I can write a sequel to “Whargoul”. I did leave the character in spot to where a sequel could happen but I don’t know. “Whargoul” took a really long time to write and it was a struggle. I want to write another novel but I’m not sure I want to write a sequel just yet. At some point I think I could though. People have been really supportive of this and the other side projects I am involved in which has made me work harder. Gwar fans are tremendous and support us in everything we do. I just finished a short story for a zombie anthology which is titled “Bone Manner Revisited”. I had written this story for one of my creative writing classes in college and similar to “Whargoul” it sat around for a few years. I was contacted by a publisher about doing a zombie type story and I remembered that short story from college. I did a re-write on it and some buffing up and it should be coming out pretty soon.  I also have my blog on which continues to tell the story of Gwar’s inception. I definitely plan to compile that for a novel one day as well. When I finally get into my last days of decrepitude I can totally see myself writing a lot more.

AL: There has been a lot going on in the Gwar world lately with the news of the Gwar B-B-Q line up and a fall 2011 tour. There also has been gossip of a new band member. Can you tell us anything about that?
DB:  It’s getting out now that Casey Orr has left the band. Casey has played Beefcake a few different times over the years. The split was something that didn’t come as a surprise as we knew that he would eventually be moving on. Basically the economy right now is really rough and Gwar is not the easiest band to be in. It’s especially difficult for guys who don’t live in the Richmond area. All of Casey’s family and projects are in Texas so the strain of holding those two different lives together got to the point where he had to make a decision. The split is completely amicable and we love Casey. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t end up working for us again at some point. I know for a fact next time we are in Dallas he will be back stage drinking all of our beer. We all play characters in Gwar and there have been 3 different Beefcakes with Casey playing the role twice. The characters are defiantly bigger than the musicians who play them. The new Beef Cake the Mighty will be debuting at this year’s Gwar B-B-Q but we do wish Casey all the best and we will miss him.

AL: The Fall tour is being dubbed “Return of the World Maggot Tour” correct?
DB: Yes! We recently moved into a new slave pit and when we were moving we went through all the old costumes. We came across the World Maggot and it was still in pretty good shape. We are always getting asked when we are going to bring that prop back. Because we didn’t have time to build a whole new show and we don’t have a new album out we decided to bring out a bunch of the old characters. It’s going to be a cool tour as we will be out with Every Time I Die as well as playing a few shows with Ghoul and Warbeast. We are really looking forward to get back out there!

AL: Are you involved at all with the Gwar “Dim Time” book which is being compiled by former Slave Pit/Gwar members Don Drakulich and Chuck Varga?
DB: They have asked me my opinion about stuff but it’s been Don and Chuck who have been sorting that stuff out. Everyone is really starting to get their own side project niche now and this is one of those times. I trust that they are going to do a great job. Don was with us from the very beginning and he has a lot of really amazing footage. It a story that needs to be told however I don’t really need to contribute that much because I lived it! (Laughs) Anything about the “Dim Time” is going to have my mug all over it.

For more info on all things Gwar you can head over to and you can follow Dave on twitter @therealoderus and also read his blog at

Dave Willis talks about new Aqua Teen season “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1″

Dave Willis is the one of the men behind Adult Swim’s hit show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. Dave is the voice of Meatwad / Carl and also director/writer and producer on each episode. Besides “Aqua Teen”, David also is currently working on a new season of “Squidbillies” and has worked on various other series including, “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast”, “Sealab 2021” and “12 oz. Mouse”. Dave took out some time to chat with us at Movie Mikes to discuss “Aqua Teen” return for season 9 and also its recent name change to “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1” and also the upcoming season of “Squidbillies”.

Mike Gencarelli: When “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” started over 10 years ago, did you ever think you would be crossing the 100 episode mark with the series?
Dave Willis: Yes I did. I thought we thought we would be doing it in season 3 though not season 9. Yeah, there was no doubt in my mind and we are only a third of the way there. Let’s reconnect in 10 years when we are celebrating episode 250.

MG: Tell us about change of the name for the series starting season 9?
DW: It was more than a name change. We changed the show on a molecular level, everything about it is different. The only thing that is the same is that it is still 11 minutes long and we still use the characters names too. Other than that it is all about action, sex, mystery and intrigue [laughs].

MG: Since the series is going in a new direction, can we still expect cameos from some of favorite characters?
DW: There are new adventures and new villains also. In the opening, it has a number cameos of previous villains. It would be a fun thing to see if you could spot them all. Some of them are blatant. Frylok has a switchblade fight with Hand Banana [laughs]. Tonight….YOU! There are other characters that you see for a split second and then they are gone. I think it would be a fun game to see how many you can spot.

MG: You voice many characters but primarily Carl and Meatwad, do you find it difficult voicing them at same time?
DW: I don’t, no I really don’t. By that time anyway we have written the script and I have an idea how it is going to sound. I always do Meatwad before Carl because by the end of the Carl script he is either exploded or screaming at someone or just crying in agony. That just blows out my voice. I think Carl over the years has seriously dropped my voice like an octave and a half. There is always like shredded pieces of skin that I end of coughing up after doing Carl. So yeah, Meatwad is always first.

MG: What was the most bizarre plot you came up with for an episode that never was made?
DW: We wrote an outline for one episode that I thought was really funny and we couldn’t make it due to union issues. We know Seth Green through “Robot Chicken” and the premise was where Seth moved next door to the Aqua Teens and Shake was constantly trying to hang with him. We find out he moved next door to Aqua Teens to study Meatwad because he is going to be playing Meatwad in the live-action movie. It would have been great but it wouldn’t be as funny if we couldn’t actually get Seth to do it. We are not SAG, so that is why we couldn’t do it.

MG: Do you have a favorite episode that you have worked on?
DW: It is tough to say, they are all like my children. I think I read that Glenn Frey said when being interviewed about The Eagles “Well Tequila Sunrise…Desperado…there are so many of them, they are all like children to me”. I like Broodwich. I like Dickosode, due to the absurdity and the ridiculousness. I love the original Mooninites and of course Mc Pee Pants. The third episode this season is called “Intervention” and I think that is just as funny as anything we have ever done. There are a few in this batch that I think really stand up against the best stuff we done. I am really excited about the new season and the new episodes. They are really strong.

MG: Whatever ever happened to “Spacecataz” series?
DW: I don’t know. I think it would have been a good show, I think. The way we made it was using it as opens for “Aqua Teen”. We had to make them work as opens but also as a whole. I think it was a fun idea and I think it could have had a good life. We got too busy with other stuff and it never happened. But I always liked it.

MG: What can we expect from the new season of “Squidbillies” this year?
DW: We got 10 episodes coming out and they are all great. I feel that they are really strong. We just wrote an episode called “The Return of Ga Ga Pee Pap”, bringing that character back. I am not sure about guest starts yet. We have been slowly getting new theme songs. There has been talk of us get to record with George Jones to do a theme song. It hasn’t happened yet so I don’t want to jinx it. Rusty and Early compete over a woman [laughs]. Rusty gets his first girlfriend and Early wants her for his own. So their is an episode of that. Early gets a rare form of head cancer from wearing a hat made by the American Asbestos Association.

MG: Besides the narrator, you don’t led you voice to the show, why not?
DW: It is not really a calculated thing. I will go in there if they need an extra or something. I feel like we have such a strong cast of potential characters. I do occasionally play Early’s office co-worker Glen. We are trying to make ‘Have a good one’ a catch phrase, since he says it in every episode. Let’s see if America catches on like we have.

MG: Comparing the two shows “ATHF” and “Squidbillies”, which is more fun to work on?
DW: They are both fun in their own way. It is a little more difficult with “Squidbillies” in respects just because, we are a little more story based in those and go back and do extensive rewrites. The animation is much more involved and is closer to a fully animated show that “Aqua Teen”. But “Aqua Teen” is still challenging and we are very much engaged. It is interesting since when we started with “Aqua Teen”, we had a core group of people who were all at the same place in their careers…just starting out. All these people have grown together and we tend to fill in the blanks for each other. We just have a great group of editors and After Effects artists and the same few animators from the beginning. So everybody knows their role a little bit more. We are still using the same animation from the year 2000 [laughs]. We add stuff obviously but we still go back to those same backgrounds and same shots. With “Squidbillies”, writer/producer Jim Fortier, and I came from the same home town and we can relate to the same sort of backwards dumb-ass redneck stories from our lives. “Aqua Teen” is maybe not as deep in that reality. It is though in another one, meaning whatever tends to be pissing me or Matt (Maiellaro) off that week will somehow find to make its way into the show.

MG: Anything you can tell us about the second “Aqua Teen” movie, “Death Fighter”?
DW: It is a mystery…surrounded in secrecy…surrounded by a cloud of intrigue. Let’s get this show reboot out of the way. We are going to change the title again after we are done with these 10 episodes. Then we will talk “Death Fighter”.

Interview with GWAR’s Dave Brockie

Dave Brockie is a name you may not recognize but if you mention the name Oderus Urungus it may get you to instantly throw up your devil horns! Dave is the is lead singer of the heavy metal group GWAR.  Adam Lawton caught up with the man behind the mask to talk about all things GWAR including the groups new album “Bloody Pit of Horror”.

Click here to purchase GWAR’s music

Adam Lawton: I know you have a back ground in painting and drawing but you’re also into Special FX as well correct?
Dave Brockie: I have always puttered about with it, and just basically keeping my costume looking goo.  Sometimes I will bust out a GWAR effect. I have been working with the shop guys since the very beginning of GWAR. I am the rarest of GWAR breeds as I am the musician/artist in the group. It’s actually something we need all of the members to be at least to a certain extent.

AL: What kind of sparked the idea of GWAR?
DB: I had a band called Death Piggy at the time.  There was a group of guys, which included Hunter Jackson, who were doing props and costumes for a movie they wanted to make. His group and my band were in the same abandoned milk bottling factory, and we kind of collided. The band started wearing the costumes and Death Piggy turned into GWAR and we used GWAR as an opener for Death Piggy. Eventually GWAR swallowed up Death Piggy, and it was game on from there.

AL: You are the only original member on the group right now correct?
DB: Well actually there is one other guy, Scott Crawl, who is one of our artists that has been with us since before the first album, but he did come in a little later than me so I would have to say that yes I am the only one left from the beginning.

AL: When the band was first starting out and a member left was it hard for you to find replacements that shared the same ideas and wanted to wear the costumes?
DB: No, not at all, people couldn’t wait. We never had a hard time finding people who wanted to work with us.  The hard part we found was find good people! It is really hard to tell if someone is going to fit until we get them out on the road and start doing the shows. Usually what will happen is when we find someone we really like we try to stick with them. We are very loyal to our employees.

AL: This year marks the 25th anniversary of GWAR correct?
DB: Actually we have been declaring the anniversary for about 2 years now. So technically we are in the 26th year of GWAR. After this year we are going to shut up about all anniversaries until will hit 50!

AL: Did you think GWAR would ever last this long?
DB: Hell no! We started as a joke, then we had a record which we thought would be it but instead it just blew up. It wasn’t until I think we got to the 20 year anniversary that I thought this thing could easily go on forever.

AL: What else is going on right now?
DB: We have the new GWAR album out called “Bloody Pit of Horror” which has been getting a really good reception from the fans. We are currently working on expanding GWAR TV.  We are also in the planning stages of Crack-Athon 2011, we are leaving to tour Europe at the end of the month as well as Australia and New Zealand.  This will wrap up pretty much two years of frantic activity. I also will be continuing with my appearances on the Fox channel show “Red Eye”.

Click here to purchase GWAR’s music