Top 7 Chess Championships Coming Up in 2019-20

All over the world people are playing chess but not just in their living rooms. Did you know that there are several international chess tournaments happening every month? Professional chess players don’t just play for fun, they play for prizes and money too.

Here are the top 7 chess championships that are coming up in 2019 and 2020:

1. Nov 6-10: Superbet Rapid & Blitz in Bucharest

This is the sixth part of the 2019 Grand Chess Tour where the winners will move forward to the Grand Finale happening in December in London. The tour regulars play rapid games against each other.

2. Nob 10-16:European Club Cup in Montenegro

This is the 35th annual European Club Cup and the 24th annual Women’s European Club Cup that are taking place in the same event. There are some defending champions in both groups: Mednyi Vsadnik from Saint Petersburg, Alkaloid, AVE Novy Bor, Obiettivo RIsarcimento Padova, and others. 

3. Nov 12-23: World Senior Championships in Bucharest

This championship is very unique in that it is limited to players over the ages of 50+ and 65+. And the prize is much higher this year. It’s a whopping €46,000. The list of participants includes 22 grandmasters. Top contestants include Kiril Georgiev, Darcy Lima, Zuruab Sturua, Mihail Marin, Vladislav Nevednichy, Alexander Shabalov, and Alex Yermolinsky.

4. Nov 16-24: Spanish Championships in Marbella, Spain

The Spanish Championships are planned to be played at the Hotel Fuerte Marbella in the beautiful city of Marbella. The event consists of 9-round Swiss events with a 90 minutes limit per game. What makes these games unique is that each player has 30 seconds to play their next move. The winning prize is €5,000.

5. Nov 22-26: Tata Steel India Rapid & Blitz in Kolkata

This is the seventh part of the 2019 Grand Chess Tour and the four winners will reach the semi-finals in London. The prize fund totals $350,000 currently. This event is the third of the five rapid and blitz events in this year’s tour.

6. Jan 11-12: 2020 US Junior Chess Congress – Santa Clara, US

This is an official USCF National Championship and it’s based on age. This event is for kids of all ages from 6 years old all the way to 20-year-olds. There are no money prizes just trophies and medals and the event lasts the whole weekend. 

7. Feb 15-17: 2020 US Amateur Team West National Championship – Burlingame, US

This is a 3-day event happening in Burlingame California where teams compete against each for trophies and plaques. This event is for kids of all ages as well and will run from Saturday to Monday.


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Enhance Your Creativity by Playing Chess Online

Chess is a famous recreational and competitive game played by people of all ages and there are no age barriers to determine the one who should play the game. Also, there are various websites where you can play free chess video games online. For some, you can play chess against the PC by use of an espresso, chess applet or maybe a flash chess program.

Many people talk of the benefits of playing chess; some tend to believe that the game improves analytical thinking while others believe it’s a waste of time. However, playing chess is associated with various benefits.

Some benefits of playing online chess are:

Enrich your life:

Everyone ages with time; therefore, learn to play games that stimulate the mind. This enriches your life as well as gives you a new dimension to your life. By playing online chess, research has also shown that one gets more mature to experience chess to keep the brain cells activated. Sometimes this assists you to reduce the chances of getting mental illnesses.

Stimulate your mind:

Playing stimulating games can lead to staying alert since the game confronts the mind with various problems which require being resolved.

Transforms your thinking pattern:

By playing mentality stimulating games, your pattern of thinking is transformed. Also, by playing online games link sbobet which is compatible with both PC and mobile versions; you get used to looking forward to alternatives to solve issues. The pressure from the game leads to complete focus since no one wants to lose.

Understanding the atmosphere:

Mostly, mentally stimulating games result in an understanding atmosphere as well as the wish to enhance. Every actual chess player needs to improve and learn several mentally stimulating games, versions, and principles. This mindset also applies to real life.

Enhanced concentration:

Chess requires you to concentrate as you play; therefore this leads to enhanced concentration so as to perform well in the game.

Improved visualization:

By playing chess, one could improve their concentration and visualization capabilities.

Increased enthusiasm:

Chess players change the ordinary. True enthusiastic gamers get irritated easily in case they make deadly mistakes. To avoid this, they try as much as possible to avoid mistakes and as well as recalculate options before they make decisions. Since the game requires lots of patience, then any player who lacks such quality is forced to create it to become an excellent player.

Weigh choices:

Chess gives gamers the chance to find alternate solutions as well as think about the pros and cons of various situations. You can check Total Shape if you would like to learn about other ways to keep your mind and body healthy

Concrete evaluation:

Playing chess is an excellent way of teaching you to evaluate situations as the results of making certain decisions. This is applicable to real life situations too; hence your decisions are led by logic and not on impulse.

Think ahead:

Just as in actual life, an individual develops ideas and plans and compares them to ideas that work. Therefore one is able to look at the big picture and not just consider a single option. Also, patterns are as well used in comparison with related circumstances.

There are numerous benefits to playing chess. In addition to the mentioned benefits, there are many emotional benefits acquired by playing chess. As people play, they are able to cope with different experiences which are emotionally useful.

Also mastering the game creates an opportunity for dialogue for players. However, like any other games on link sbobet which is the best link compatible with either your mobile or PC, you will require to spend some time to master it.