Interview with Jenn Proske

Jenn Proske recently starred in the spoof, “Vampires Suck” as Becca Crane.  It was her first starring role but is the start of an amazing career.  Movie Mikes was lucky enough to talk with Jenn about her role and her blast off into the entertainment industry.

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Mike Gencarelli: How did you get the role in “Vampires Suck”?
Jenn Proske: I moved to LA after I graduated from Boston University in May 2009.  I believe it was late October.  I wanted to try and be an actor professionally.  Basically I started auditioning full-time.  Then in February, I had this week that was totally full with auditions and the very last one was for “Vampires Suck”.  I was actually called in for the role of Iris, which spoof the Alice Cullen character from “Twilight” series.  I ended up two weeks later for Becca, the lead in the movie.  I booked the role on a Friday and then flew out the following Tuesday to start shooting.

Mike Gencarelli: It must have been exciting for your first role in major motion picture?
Jenn Proske: It has just been unbelievable.  I am really honored that this is how I am starting off my career jumping head first into the entertainment industry.

Mike Gencarelli: Ok the burning question, are you fan of the “Twilight films?
Jenn Proske: Yeah I am definitely a fan.  I read the books and saw the movie before I got the role.  Yeah I am actually more of fan since I have done the movie.  It has an even more special place in my heart.  I think I can call myself much more of a ‘Twi-Hard” now than before.  I watched the movies literally over a hundred times to research the characters.  I feel like if you are not a fan and you are doing this kind of thing, you have to become one.  It is really done out of love for this phenomenon.

MG: Was their any cool moments on the set that you can tell us?
JP: Yeah, what is crazy on this movie literally every day was chock full of a new stunt, gag or some ridiculous situation you find yourself in.  I think one of my favorites was the baby bjorn, which is like a baby carrier that I get carried in on my dads stomach played by Dierich Bader.  I had to pull these levels that catapulted me head first onto the ground.  I didn’t pull one hard enough so I flew forward but I was still stuck in the carrier.  I was just dangling there upside down and everyone on set was hysterically laughing.  It was one of the more funny moments.  On a movie like this everyday you are laughing on set and having a great time.

MG: What else do you have in the works?
JP: I am working on it right now.  With this having been my first role, it has obviously opened so many doors for me.  I am taking advantage of that and meeting with as many casting directors, producers, and studios as possible.  Hopefully I will have some more news to share soon.  I hope that whatever is next will be really different.  I have been a actor since I was six, so I am not new to acting.  I am very excited to show the world and everyone.  Maybe a really dramatic piece or something very different.

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