The League of Legends offseason transfers are surprising!

LoL Tranfer News

Aphromoo has left Counter Logic Gaming, CLG, after he spent five years with them in the North American, NA, League of Legends Championship Series, or LCS. CLG have now finished their roster with signings of Biofrost and Reignover, and Splyce are rumoured to have created a roster that could well win the EU LCS!

The LoL eSports Offseason is Still Producing Startling Transfers

The transfers produced by the LoL eSports offseason are full of surprises, and full rosters are now beginning to take place. Longzhu Gaming lately announced the biggest League of Legends Korea, LCK, transfer news so far: Han Peanut Wang-ho signed from SKT.

As the rest of us enjoy the online blackjack NZ has to offer, both teams in the EU LCS and NA LCS are concluding their rosters. On paper, some of these team’s look amazing: CLG especially, appearing to have a very powerful line-up even though they have said goodbye to Zaqueri Aphromoo Black.

Second Full Roster for EU LCS Reportedly Complete

The Second full roster for the EU LCS season next year has apparently been finalised. Schalke completed the roster very early, and it appears that Splyce are now following that example. Splyce have announced their roster apart from ADC Kasper Kobbe Kobberup from Denmark who is the only confirmed roster member.

And it has recently been reported that Andrei Odoamne Pascu, Yasin Nisqy Dincer, Raymond KaSing Tsang, and Andre Xerxe Dragomir will be joining him.

Splyce Departures Confirmed

As far as the departures from Splyce are concerned, Mihael Mikyx Mehle and Chres Sencux Laursen have already been confirmed with Misfits, it is reported that Martin Wunder Hansen will be joining G2, and apparently Jonas Trashy Andersen turned down an offer made by Cloud9 because he was uncomfortable with the contract’s length.

It has been rumored that Vitality will be gaining a lot of funding, and could well be forming a super team, but there have been no reports yet as to who they will be signing. Essentially, this type of team-player transfer could be compared to the world of soccer, and it’s clear that gaming is also considered a sport now.

Plenty of Roster Moves and Transfers for NA LCS

The NA LCS has seen many transfers and roster moves in the last week, as a result of four brand-new teams having entered the scene as part of the franchising alterations.

A number of team’s have finished up their rosters, including Team Liquid and TSM, both of who look very strong. CLG also look like they will be contenders for the title.

CLG confirmed Aphromoo’s departure from the team, but there is no information regarding what the support will be doing next. The only NA LCS team he could join would be Clutch Gaming, or he could turn to streaming on a full-time basis on Twitch.

Vincent Biofrost Wang will be stepping in to replace him, joining the team from archrivals Team Solomid. CLG were famous for their bot lane of Aphromoo and Yilliang Doublelift Peng, but now their prodigies, in the form of Biofrost and Trevor Stixxay Hayes will have to team up to see if they can overcome their teachers!