How Fantasy Games Are Implemented in Software Platforms

Online fantasy games and sports are some of the fastest-growing trends among bettors and gamblers who enjoy watching different activities such as football, basketball, hockey, and so forth.

Especially since the recent worldwide lockdown, betting fans all over the world haven’t had many matches to place their bets on. It’s no wonder this genre of gambling is growing so rapidly. So how are software platforms implementing fantasy games into their framework and how do they offer their services to online betting enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

The Basic Framework

The basic gist of things is quite simple. Players choose from a variety of real-world players and enlist them into a fictional team of their dreams.

Thing is, they have the ability to choose even players who have retired long ago but are still shown as they were in their prime. Their stats are calculated based on their overall performance.

As for players who are still currently in the leagues, their performance is calculated in a similar manner, and their recent injuries and other factors are also taken into account. As such, the software can calculate the odds of one fantasy team versus another in a simulated match.

Think about it the same way you would think about Electronic Arts’ FIFA or Madden. Except this time there’s an algorithm that takes care of business instead of two players going head to head using controllers and gaming wits.

The Implementation of AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the best things to have ever emerged in the technology scene. Through its implementation, software platforms can determine the outcome of a match and gather data in real time to place the odds in a realistic manner without the help of a real human.

Simply put, an advanced algorithm gathers the data, goes through the process of data processing to translate it into readable bits by any program, and then websites that use software platforms can easily interpret all the clusters of data to determine a realistic outcome. In this sense, fantasy games, despite being totally in the virtual realm, can imitate real life to an outstanding degree.

The Legal Issue

Many potential bettors worldwide have shown an interest in fantasy games but have been reluctant to get into the game simply out of fear of the law.

While laws may differ from country to country, the general consensus is that betting on fantasy sports is a game of skill rather than a game of chance. Although, there are a few things to remember: bettors aren’t allowed to place their bets on a single game or on a single player.

Also, as far as the USA is concerned, fantasy sports are banned in five states:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Washington

As for other countries, you’ll have to check your local laws to see how much you’re affected. Generally speaking, if there’s a betting website with the option of fantasy games, then it’s safe.

Final Thoughts

If you want to play fantasy games, there are numerous websites online where you can do so. But if you want a more in-depth look at how fantasy games are implemented, click here.

DVD/Blu-ray Ripper Software Review

DVD/Blu-ray ripper software is very essential for those who are passionate about collecting DVD and Blu-ray discs. In order to save space, keep discs from scratches and watch DVD/Blu-ray movies easily on PC or smart phone, it’s time to rip DVD/Blu-ray to hard drive or convert them to MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. So in this article, I will introduce lots of safe DVD/Blu-ray ripping software to help you rip DVD/Blu-ray free and fast.

  • DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper

When you plan to rip DVD to MP4 or other digital formats, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best free DVD ripping software you are looking for. It works on both Windows and Mac, able to decrypt all kinds of DVD copy protection like 99-title, CSS, UOP, APS, Region Code, etc., in collaboration with DVDFab Passkey for DVD. You can use it to rip and convert a DVD to any mainstream audio/video formats 10 times faster than the normal speed and without any quality loss. Meanwhile, it also enables you to upscale video by 300% up to 1080p.

If you want to convert Bluray to digital formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, M2TS, TS, WMV, and play them on various devices like iPhone, Sumsung, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is your best choice. This free Bluray ripping software is capable to remove Bluray copy protection like AACS, BD+ and Cinavia. And similar to DVDFab DVD Ripper, its “Enlarger AI” tool can help you improve video quality to 4K.

  • Mac DVDRipper Pro

As a DVD ripping program, DVDRipper Pro is compatible with Mac. You can use it to read scratched and broken DVDs up to 5 in free version. But it only burns a main movie, so you have no choice about which part of DVD videos to be backed up.

  • Riplt

Riplt DVD ripping software can rip a DVD on Mac. It keeps your movies, subtitles and alternate tracks intact. But it may take a long time up to 1.5 hours. So if you have enough patience, just download and install this DVD ripper and played ripped movies in iTunes, iPad, etc.

  • DVDSmith

DVDSmith is qualified DVD ripping software working on Windows operating system. No matter what kinds of DVD protection embedded in your disc like Region Code, CSS, ArccOS, UOPs, it is able to decrypt. You can use it rip DVD to MP4, AVI, HTML5 and play files on iPhone, Sumsung, etc.

  • MakeMKV

MakeMKV is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. This DVD ripping software not only works on DVD converting, but handles Blurays as well. It can decrypt AACS, BD+ and Region Code. But ripping DVD/Bluray to MKV only forces you to find an MKV player to play your videos, since not all media players support this format of file.

  • HandBrake

Similar to MakeMKV, it is also compatible with the three operating systems. But better than MakeMKV, HandBrake allows you to rip DVD and Bluray to MKV and MP4 formats. So when MKV file is not playable on your devices, rip DVD to MP4 instead.

  • DVD-Cloner

DVD-Cloner helps you rip DVD and Bluray files on both Windows and Mac. You can use it free for 7 days. During this free trial, you can convert any DVD and Bluray to MKV and AVI formats. And it helps to get rid of some copy protection why may exist in your disc.


Have you had a full picture of how to rip DVD and Bluray discs? Choose the best free software such as DVDFab DVD Ripper to back up your files. Then tons of discs will be saved in your computer eternally and you can enjoy them any time and anywhere.