Selena Gomez Getting Ready to Return to the Spotlight

Selena Gomez is making a big return to the spotlight. The singer has returned to Instagram back in January. She shared her first Instagram post on Sept. 28, 2018, following her brief rehab stint. In the post, Gomez shared a series of intimate black-and-white photos that look as if they came from a photo shoot. In the caption, Gomez wished her followers a happy New Year and thanked them for their ongoing love support.

The singer reflected about the past years, including the triumphs and challenges she faced. The former Disney star revealed last year that she would be taking a break from Instagram despite being one of the most popular celebrities on the social media site. While Gomez said she’s appreciated of her fans support, she’s also grateful to be given the opportunity to take a break from social media and focus on her life. She also revealed to her fans that some of the negative comments on social media get her down sometimes.

Since leaving the treatment facility last September, Gomez has been in better spirits. She’s getting back to her regular routine. She’s been seen going on a hike with her friends in Los Angeles. She also found time to catch up with her friend Taylor Swift back in January. The two posed for a “20wineteen” photo that included Cazzie David and was posted to Taylor Swift’s Instagram account. Gomez has been focusing on herself, including her friends and family.

It also looks like Gomez will be working her way back into Hollywood again. According to a report from Variety, Hotel Transylvania 4 will be back in theaters in 2021. The animated movie has already grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide. Sony is looking at a Dec 21, 2021 release, just in time for the holiday season. The series also includes Adam Sandler, Fran Drescher, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, and Kathryn Hahn. Aside from that, Gomez doesn’t have any other new film releases in the works.

In addition, Gomez is already back in the recording studio. She was seen leaving a Los Angeles recording studio on Tuesday, Feb. 26. The star was all smiles with her bodyguard in tow. She wore an oversize white teddy bear jacket over a button-down shirt and jeans. Her signature dark brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. Gomez accessorized her look with hoop earrings, white socks, and white trainers.

She returned to Instagram to tease her new collaboration with Benny Blanco, J Balvin, and Tainy. The singer was also featured on Julia Michaels’ new song “Anxiety” off her six-song EP Inner Monologue Part 1, which dropped back in January. It’s unclear why Gomez was at the recording studio. Some fans are looking forward to new music from the singer soon.

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The last solo single she released was “Fetish,” which was the follow-up to her lead single “Bad Liar.” Gomez previously told Elle Magazine that her next album will be “very honest but playful” during an interview on Instagram Live. During a conversation with her fans back in August 2018, Gomez revealed that her favorite song off her new album is titled “Rare.” She also said that her album is “creatively it’s in a really great direction,” and she promises to include more collaborations this time around.

While Gomez hasn’t made any public appearances in some time, she was recently spotted at the wedding for her best friend Courtney Barry and Sam Lopez. She also attended Barry’s bachelorette party which took place in Cabo San Lucas. Gomez is clearly in a good place and in a good frame of mind. It’s likely that she’ll rejoin the spotlight when the time is right for her.