New Trends: 4 Innovative Drum Accessories Must-Have

Without the right equipment and proper assembly, drumming can suck for both the drummer and their audience. Whether you’re in the practice room, the recording studio or in a live performance, having the right tools and equipment in your arsenal will make your practice, recording or performance a great deal of fun. However, having the basic hardware with a kit, a set of cymbals, some drumsticks, and some hearing protection may not be enough for a great experience, especially for the novice and nearly seasoned pro.

As we advance in technology, a lot of resourceful drumming accessories have been produced over the past few years. Some of these accessories have become huge trends in the world of drumming today and professional drummers can no longer approach their performances and practice sessions without them.

Read more about these new trends below on the 4 innovative drum accessories drummers must have.

1. A double bass drum pedal

As you may have noted from the best drumming review sites such as Begin Your Drumming, most modern high-quality drum kits come with this accessory included in the package. Especially for drummers who are more into heavy music, a double bass pedal is an accessory that shouldn’t miss in your arsenal, especially when going for a live performance. The double bass pedal eliminates the need to have two bass drums in your kit setup.

It allows you to hit the bass drum from either foot, thus allowing you to add power to your music without straining too much. It also allows you to play rudiments that can hardly be achieved when using a single pedal. Nonetheless, double bass pedals come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and qualities depending on the brand and manufacturer. Additionally, not all double bass pedals may be compatible with your current drum kit or bass drum.

2. Drummer metronome

Any intermediate or professional drummer, especially for those who play in a band will tell you just how important timing is in the art of drumming. A metronome is a device that allows you to stay up to speed. In layman terms, you can also refer to it as a timekeeper for drummers. A metronome allows you to stay on time not only during performances but also when practicing to perfect your drumming skills. The device plays a click track at a certain BPM or tempo (preset by the drummer), which helps you to keep pace and not go off-beat. Metronomes come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, meaning that it is highly important to conduct research on some of the best drumming metronomes before investing in one.

3. Drummer headphones

Drumming headphones are another highly resourceful accessory in the art. They allow you to hear yourself play the drums as you protect your ears from the loudness. They come in a wide variety of options, including in-ear and full-size headphones, as well as earbuds. Some of them come with highly advanced features such as noise cancelling, impedance, comfortable fit, and high-quality sound.

4. Bass drum microphone

Yes, you can actually use a microphone when drumming without moving your lips. A drumming bass mic can come in handy when you need to amplify your bass drum sound for more thickness and texture.

With a double bass pedal, a drum mic, a metronome, and a quality set of drumming headphones added to your drumming arsenal, there’s literally nothing stopping you from making great music or practicing to do so. Other seemingly resourceful accessories to consider include drum bags, stick holders, cymbal locks, and drum rags.


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