Why Become a DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are operational in bridging the gap that exists between operations and software developers. There are a number of online courses available that will help you to develop the skills and competencies required to become a DevOps engineer, which is becoming one of the most fast-growing fields of work. With such online courses, you will be able to become adequately trained in DevOps principles like continuous development and deployment. Configure management automation, its service agility, and inter-team collaboration using DevOps methodologies like  Docker, Git, and Jenkins will also be taught. 

Why Take the Course

With the help of an online course in DevOps engineering, you will be able to develop the primary skills required to become an expert and DevOps. You will be able to understand the concepts of continuous integration, deployment, monitoring, configuration management, and more using the essential DevOps tools. Such DevOps tools include Git, Docker, Jenkins, Chef, Nagios, and Puppet. Not only will you be able to learn the theoretical basis of such devices but also be able to gain practical and hands-on knowledge using the interactive approach. The two major cloud platform providers, such as the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, shall also be mustard along with your fundamental understanding of Scrum methodologies and Agile. 

DevOps Certification

With the help of the DevOps engineer certification programs available on the internet, you will be able to learn the basics as well as the advanced courses in order to become a DevOps engineer. These programs are built following a structured learning path that has been standardized by the experts in the industry. Not only will you be able to access live as well as pre-recorded classes by the best trainers in the field, but you will also get high-quality learning experiences. The best part about these online courses is that they are provided by industry experts you will be able to provide you with a plethora of real-life case studies, and at the end of each chapter, there will be quizzes that will help you to sharpen your skills. Simulation examinations and a number of forums moderated by experts shall also help you to learn the concepts better. Once you complete the entire team of the learning path, the master certificate will be awarded to you, signifying your training in DevOps. 

The Course Included

There is a certified learning path that you have to take upon in order to become a DevOps engineer and master the tools and methodologies associated with DevOps. The course included are as follows:

  • Git and GitHub Training: This course includes learning the basics of Git, which is a version control; this course will also help you to understand how to set up Git in your system and the three-stage workflow that is operational in Git. Along with this, you will also learn how to create track files and branches and a repository in Git. 
  • CD/CI Pipelines via Jenkins: This course will help you to learn the continuous integration, server automation, the various configuration tools as well as how to build pipelines. There are also hands-on assignments included that will help you to understand Jenkins and its distribution system as well as code quality improvement. 
  • Certification Training: This course will help you to design your future in order to become a successful part of software development programs. This course follows the best practices required for software development and how you can make the most of software tools. It follows the entire software development cycle and helps you to understand the requirements through production support and coding. 
  • Docker Certification: These courses are associated with the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) examination and are an extremely practical course that will train you to implement the learned models in real life. Not only will you learn the necessary Docker tools and Technologies like Docker Swarm, Dockerfile, Docker Engine, Docker Network, Docker Images, Docker Compose, Docker Daemon, Docker storage you will also get to learn the more basic Docker technologies. 
  • Kubernetes Administration: Kubernetes is a very popular container orchestration technology that is available in the market. This course was founded by Cloud Native Computing Foundation and helps you to enhance your skills in Kubernetes and help you to become skilled enough in the field while at the same time providing you with the preparation for the CKA examination. You might also get skilled in AKS and other Azure operations such as Azure Cloud Migration Services and Windows Virtual Desktop Azure deployment etc. 
  • DevOps on AWS: This course is generally so prepared that it will help you to understand the technology is using the advanced skills on CodeDeploy, CodeBuild as well as CodePipeline, which will help you to automate continuous delivery as well as continuous integration in your application. 
  • DevOps Developer Associate: With the help of this course, you will develop the proficiency in Amazon Web Services to not only develop but also deploy cloud applications with AWS Developer Associate Certification. This course will help you to implement the best of cloud security practices and understand what goes into becoming an AWS developer associate. 

Available Electives

Along with the main courses that form the core syllabus for becoming a DevOps engineer, there are some electives that are proposed to enhance your skill further. These electives are planned in order to perfectly complement your training in order to become a DevOps engineer. These electives include Puppet Training Course, AWS essentials, Agile Scrum Master, Linux Training, Ansible 2.0 Training Course, Microsoft azure fundamentals, and more. 

With the help of DevOps engineer certification, you will be able to master your skills in DevOps and the multiple tools and technologies that are required to become an expert. Not only will you learn the tools and strategies, but you will also get practical experience in industry-specific projects. You will be able to get noticed by some of the best hiring companies around the globe. Since it is one of the fastest-growing job prospects, this DevOps engineer certification will help you to get ahead in your career in the best manner possible. Enroll now to enjoy the benefits!