Cool Places to Visit in Canada This Summer

If your favorite season is winter, you might already be looking for a few models of accessories for your snowmobile in order to get a good discount. However, winter is very, very far away and before you get the chance to enjoy the snow, you have to bear with the hot summer days that are yet to come. However, there is something you can do to feel closer to your favorite season – visit a destination that’s famous for its cool climate such as Canada. Here are some of the top attractions you should see if you decide to choose this country for your summer vacation.

A few facts about Canada’s climate

This country is famous for its cold weather that matches that of other notably cool territories such as Russia. However, there is something you should keep in mind before you decide to come here or refuse to take Canada into account as a vacation destination altogether because of its cold weather stigma – this country is big and the weather can change dramatically from one region to another.

The west coast, where Vancouver is located, is known for its moderate climate. In this part of the country, the weather doesn’t vary tremendously and there isn’t a huge difference between the four seasons. You will like it here in the summer because the weather is not hot and, during the winter, you will not freeze.

The more you approach the northern part, the colder the weather gets. The northern part is the coldest and precipitations are quite frequent here. In the eastern part, which includes Montreal and Toronto, the winter season normally coincides with the period ranging from December, up until the beginning of March. However, in some years, the cold season starts as early as November and only finishes at the end of March. 

The Canadian summer usually starts in June and lasts up until the end of August. Temperatures can be fairly high in many areas, but what makes this season easier to tolerate is the fact that it rains often. The east coast and the central part of the country have the warmest temperatures in summer.

The west coast has moderate weather and the northern part maintains lower temperatures even during the warm season. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy any type of outdoor activity and get enough sun in the North as well. No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you should take a waterproof coat and some sweaters with you.


Vancouver can offer you a little bit of everything, whether you are looking for a place where you can sit down and enjoy a meal in a cozy restaurant, a museum where you can explore art and history, or exciting scenery where you can unwind and admire the view.

In fact, most locals like spending their time outdoors, either at the popular Kitsilano Beach, or in the Grouse Mountain where they can ski and hike. Another remarkable attraction you shouldn’t miss if you come here is Granville Island, with its famous shops located on a beautiful peninsula.

The Niagara Falls

This natural attraction needs no further presentations. You might have seen it hundreds of times in movies and magazines. It is one of the tourist hotspots that make this country famous. After you’ve seen and felt the power of nature by approaching the falls (which, as you assume, will make your clothes all soaked), you can take the chance to visit the beautiful surroundings and other attractions such as the Glen Nature Reserve.

The Jasper National Park

This gorgeous park is situated in the Canadian Rockies. If you love wildlife and hiking, this is definitely a place you should visit during your Canadian tour. Except for long and refreshing walks in the woods that will allow you to admire nature at its best, you can also practice whitewater rafting here.

In the area, there are also numerous species of animals you can see and the beauty of the landscape is simply breathtaking. Don’t miss Spirit Island if you come here. It would be a shame not to take a selfie with this splendid background.


Quebec is a province, the second-most populous in Canada, but also a famous city. As its name might suggest, this part of the country has French roots and proudly carries its European heritage. If you have never visited the Old Continent, Quebec vividly mirrors what you could see there.

This charming city, with cobblestone streets and numerous historical buildings, is a great choice for those who seek something different. Here, you can admire the 17th-century architecture, the imposing towering cathedrals, lovely squares dotted with cafés and bistros, and generally, feel as if you have gone back in time. 

Canada has plenty to offer, both in terms of fascinating landscapes and an utterly diversified urban environment. If you want to seek a cool refuge during the torrid summer that has just started, you now know where to go.