What Will the New 12.14 Patch Bring to the LoL Gameplay

Next week marks the release of the 12.14 patch for League of Legends, whose tournament LPL Summer 2022 is currently the most interesting eSports event and is available for betting at sportsbooks of Rapid Transfer casinos, so let’s take a peek at what’s happening and how the meta might shift.

The League Balance Team is continuing the Season 12 tendency of significant patches once more, as 12.14 appears to be full of modifications to runes, champions, and various Rift goals. The team members tweeted about the proposed modifications, some of which received harsh criticism from the player base. As a result, some of the alterations were undone, most notably the proposed alterations to the summoner spell “Teleport”, which would’ve increased its cooldown from 360 to 420 seconds.

The complete list of future adjustments was recently released on Twitter by Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison, the design director on the League Balance Team. He said that this would be the final patch of this size, and the next ones would be reduced until the Worlds patch. Additionally, he mentioned making certain early-game tweaks based on professional play, but he provided no further information, so it’s still unclear.

Item, Rune, and Objective Changes

Both system and champion changes are present in Patch 12.14. The modifications made to the area around the drakes appear to be the most substantial. Rather than the soul buff, the emphasis is on individual drake buffs. In 12.14, taking just one drake will be very advantageous for your team, but going solo on objectives will be more difficult due to the higher HP of these drakes. This may increase the number of early-game junglers in the meta, particularly if they are adept at capturing objectives by themselves.

Whether it’s in lane or out, the majority of adjustments involving runes and items are focused on sustain. Chempunk Chainsword and Sunfire Aegis are the sole exceptions, but these two items were particularly overperforming in recent patches. Almost all sustain runes in the lane will be nerfed, and all support items will lose a small amount of their heals and shield power. It may not be a good idea to completely nerf support items, but enchanters have dominated the bot lane since the Durability Update, thus this tweak may let engage supports like Alistar and Leona return to the meta.

Other than the TP spells that were restored, there are adjustments to two summoner spells: Challenging Smite (aka Red Smite) and Exhaust. Players have been talking about Red Smite’s excessive strength as evidenced by one of the most recent LEC talks with professional players.

What Can Be Expected From 12.14 Patch

The 12.14 champion modifications appear to be primarily aimed at somewhat pulling down the overachieving champions. Since Pantheon jungle is obviously expected, there aren’t many boosts that immediately catch the eye. Since Riot reduced his damage bonus to camps from 100% to 70%, the once-dominant jungler has been missing from the game. It’s intriguing that the new boost will increase his damage, yet he no longer has the surefire tower dive mechanic. Overall, having the Aspect of War in the meta is always entertaining.

The patch’s nerfs are far more intriguing. Sivir, who recently received a mid-scope upgrade and is a little stronger than ideal, is the very first champion on the list. Since it’s now nearly hard to be able to force her in at any point throughout the game, the changes are mostly concentrated on his wave-pushing power. There will also be some Yuumi nerfs, which are always welcomed by players. The nerf, however, is to her AP proportions, which the cat usually doesn’t build up much of. She should be more affected by the support item nerfs than by this particular one, but if you like playing Yuumi, she should be just fine.

Zeri will also receive minor nerfs, but the Balance Team decided against altering her Ultrashock Laser (W), which is the aspect about which most players have issues. The season’s largest and most anticipated change is Gankplank. Even though the adjustments are described as such, the champion’s early game appears to have been significantly weakened by the revisions. In patch 12.14, a Gankplank will deal less poke damage and is squishier in lanes, at least until level 8 or so, although Riot appears to give him some late-game compensatory bonuses with intrinsic damage and barrel scalability. Though he shouldn’t be as powerful in lanes as he is right now, it will be amusing to watch how Gankplank acts in the upcoming patch.

When Will Patch 12.11 Go Live?

Last week’s one-week break for the Riot caused 12.14 to be postponed for an equivalent amount of time. However, the patch is anticipated to be live on Wednesday, July 27, the following week.

At 10 AM AEDT, the Oceania servers will be the first to receive the patch. In the early hours of each region’s morning, the remaining servers will do the same.