Top Tips To Gain More Instagram Followers Today

Are you looking to grow your Instagram following? One of the things that you might have realized is that growing an Instagram account and gaining followers is not one of the easiest things in the world. Whether you’re a business trying to build a brand or an individual just trying to expand your social circle, there are a few things you can do to boost your numbers. Here are some tips for gaining more followers on Instagram today.

Engage Often

The first tip on this list if you are looking to gain more Instagram followers today would be to engage as often as possible. One of the metrics that the Instagram algorithm uses to determine how well an account is doing is the level of engagement that the count is receiving, and as such, if you engage, you’ll be engaged.

There are many ways to engage and create engagement on Instagram, such as using Instagram stories to create polls, replying to the comments of other users on your posts, and commenting on the posts of other users. When it comes to polls, not only do they interact with your audience and make them feel valued, but they can also provide useful information for your business or personal brand. Instagram polls can also be used to generate buzz and excitement about upcoming products or events, and if you’re not happy with the feedback you’re receiving, you can always get more Instagram poll votes via UseViral. Also, posting your poll on other social media platforms and asking friends and followers to vote can help increase participation in your poll.

Post Often

One of the most important tips if you want to gain Instagram followers is to post as often as you can. Instagram has changed quite a lot in the last few years, and one of the most important changes is how the feed works. Back in the day, Instagram would show posts of the people that you followed in chronological order, but it no longer works this way.

Now the Instagram algorithm shows users the posts from creators that they interact with the most and like. This means that if you are not posting often, there is even less chance that users will see your posts, which means less opportunity for growth. As such, you should be looking to post at least 1 to 2 times a day.

Post Within a Niche

The next thing that you should focus on doing if you want to gain more Instagram followers today is to post within a niche. There are many niches on Instagram, such as health and fitness, sports, pets, parenting, comedy, and more. One of the biggest benefits of posting in a niche is that you’ll be targeting a specific audience that will be interested in your content.

More importantly, when a user goes to check the profile of an account, they will often look at the first 3-6 posts to get an idea as to what the account is about. If you are not posting within a niche, the user is most likely not going to understand what content you post and, as such, is going to have a difficult time following you since they won’t be sure what content to expect.

Promote a Post

If you are looking to grow your account quickly, one of the best tips would be to use Instagram’s Promote a Post feature. Having said that, you should know that this feature is not free and is one of Instagram’s built-in advertising options. What are Instagram promotions? This feature allows you to choose a video or a photo that you will be promoting, which means it will be shown to the target audience that you select.

The biggest benefit of this feature is the fact that the post that is promoted looks like an organic post that is shown to users, but more importantly, can be shown to thousands of users, which will help you gain followers quickly. Of course, this requires a high-quality post, and simply using the feature does not guarantee followers.

Don’t Just Post to Post

Finally, the last tip on this list, if you are looking to gain Instagram followers today, would be to not just post to post but to post high-quality content. Something that many Instagram users do is just post something for the sake of posting it since they want to keep up their posting consistency.

The problem with this is that Instagram emphasizes aesthetics, and the Instagram audience is looking to be entertained and expects high-quality content. If you are going to post something, ensure that it is of high quality, if it is not, don’t post.

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