Say Goodbye to Excessive Storage Costs with Backblaze

The cost of data storage can become overwhelming for business owners. Individuals may become frustrated with the cost of hardware, as well. Large companies need equipment, such as computers and servers. Costs include installation, maintenance, and repair. With cloud storage, you can choose a monthly subscription that fits your budget. You can enjoy unlimited storage without worrying about new software or upgrades. Start saving money immediately with a quality cloud storage plan. 


You can start your cloud storage without the purchase of special equipment. Instead of waiting for the installation of servers and software, you can simply pay for your subscription and use it the same day. You can even choose a free trial period to make sure the system works well for you. Work with a representative to find the right cloud program and price for your home or business. You can also upgrade as needed with no complicated equipment or software changes. 

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IT Crew

If you have on-site storage, you must have IT specialists to maintain the equipment. These employees must have salaries, making this expense a routine part of your budget. You may also have to hire a third party company to complete repairs on your equipment. You can employ a smaller IT team when you use cloud storage. 

Upgrades and Maintenance 

If you need to upgrade your cloud program, you can simply contact the company and choose a different plan. If you need extra storage or different features on your office equipment, you must purchase them and pay for installation. You must also consider the cost of maintenance to keep your computers and servers in working condition. Many cloud storage plans come with unlimited data, making it easy to use as your business grows. 


Computers and servers can fail, at times. This can cause more problems than costly repairs. You may lose access to your data while the repair takes place. This can cause employees to fall behind on projects. Missed deadlines may lead to revenue loss, as well. If you have cloud backup, employees can access documents from any device. 

New Businesses

When starting a new business, many people must take out loans to pay startup costs. You can limit the amount of your debt by subscribing to cloud storage. An unlimited cloud storage plan may cost less than $10 per month. You can also save money by paying upfront for an entire year. Data backup should not become your largest expense when starting a new business.

Cloud storage can save money and increase efficiency for your business. Many individuals also use cloud subscriptions for personal data backup. Businesses with on-site data incur expenses for installation, maintenance and repairs. As businesses grow, they may also need extended data storage capabilities. Upgrades and new software can also add to company expenses. You can improve your budget by using Backblaze cloud storage services.

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