Must see betting documentaries you won’t want to miss

When checking out the best TV shows and documentaries in the evening, you’ll want something that can really capture your attention and give you something worth watching.

Documentaries are not everyone’s cup of tea but when you’re looking into betting documentaries, there’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Before trawling through each individual guide that pops up on your screen here’s a look at some of the best betting documentaries to enjoy of an evening.

30 for 30; The Legend of Jimmy the Greek

A documentary that was initially broadcast in 2009, The Legend of Jimmy the Greek takes an in depth look into the exciting adventures and lifestyle of James George Snyder, Sr., also known as Jimmy the Greek.

As a leading sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker he was well known for his ESPN 30 for 30 series as well as his flourishing 12 years on the NFL Today program. Famed for his NFL predictions and tips, the documentary also takes a look at his gambling background. Guests commenting within the show include familiar sports names Brent Musburger and Irv Cross.

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Fantasy Sports Gambling by Frontline

An interesting watch of an entirely different nature to the lifetime of James George Snyder, Sr., Fantasy Sports Gambling offers viewers insight into the more shadowy nature of gambling.

Despite legislation such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, businesses managed to find a way of working around the law in order to make fantasy betting into a multi-million dollar industry under the authorities’ noses.

Put together through an investigative team with the combined efforts of Frontline and The New York Times, the documentary is an hour long feature presentation mainly focusing on the development of the fantasy sports betting scene that originally aired in 2016.

The Best of It

Another show which comes from 2016, The Best Of It watches over the highs and lows of four betting professionals during the time of the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament.

Featuring Alan “Boston” Dvorkis, Alan “Dink” Denkenson, Lem Banker, and Ken “The Shrink” Weitzner, this special documentary pays particular focus to the March Madness era and shows viewers insight into how unforgiving a life of gambling can truly be behind the scenes of flashy cars and designer outfits.

Adding further stature to the show is the sadness that shortly after the documentary, Ken “The Shrink” Weitzner and his wife committed suicide following heavy losses as a direct result of the same March Madness period.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting

Perhaps not one for avid soccer fans, this documentary focuses on the widely popular game of soccer and the trials and tribulations behind the scenes.

Specifically looking at the gambling mafia, the show depicts how individuals work their way around tournaments, teams and individual players to ensure they get the results they want. In short, this show will indicate how match fixing is done and executed.

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